WHY is IGAD now silent? Does IGAD have any creditability to solve South Sudan war anymore?


By Gatluke Chuol Reat

Dear South Sudanese people,

January 10, 2018, In December 2014, the IGAD, met with a delegation of people from Opposition forces Led by Dr. Riek Machar and Juba regime delegation who are fighting and plunge South Sudan into current Civil War.  But South Sudanese were open to the peace negotiation. However, for the last four years, we have seen failure after failure of this endless peace talk in Addis Ababa

My dear South Sudanese people, I ask you, as a one among you who is concern about this IGAD peace process. Does IGAD have any creditability to continue searching for solutions to address the situation of people of South Sudan who are living in limbo?

Why is IGAD now silent while the regime in Juba is now marching toward the Lou Nuer of Bieh State?

As you know, the IGAD and the international community recognize that people of South Sudan deserve better than dying at UNMISS CAMPS and should not be left to situations of generalized insecurity.  Yet nationals of this IGAD are enjoying the luxury of hotels on behave of the people of South Sudan who are suffering now daily, while people of South Sudan continue to suffer, are often left out on the actual discussion and in limbo, unable to get on with their lives.  People are kept separated from their families across South Sudan, including spouse and children

IGAD seems to enjoy keeping people of South Sudan in long-term limbo is both cruelty killings in South Sudan and yet IGAD is benefiting from their full participation as “mediator”.  I am therefore writing to urge you to think more and deeply about IGAD after their three years of failing to produce anything but blaming, blaming, and blaming.

I am calling for abandoning IGAD so that people of South Sudan can find a way out of this situation themselves.  Adopting this recommendation will allow people to ask themselves with a serious question as to WHY South Sudan is killings itself?.

Thank you for taking the time to challenges yourself and that too many of our fellow Citizens are dying in the hands of a cruel leader like Salva kirr who has no future for South Sudan. I hope that we will soon stand up against IGAD so that we find a way forward.

Yours sincerely,

Gatluke Reat


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