Confirmed: Gov. Koang Rambang of Bieh State is misleading the Lou Nuer while he is in contact with Riek Gai Kok and John Luk Jok

Koang Rambang 2January 22, 2018, A high profile source in Akoba send a very secretive meeting to Africans Press in Akoba confirming that Gov. Koang Rambang is secretly in talks with Riek Gai Kok, and John Luk Jok. However, in the last two days, Koang Rambang was sending a misleading note to the public that “Riek Gai Kok, Salva Kiir’s Health Minister, and Gen Gony Beliu are now mobilizing their forces to attack Walgak, Wechjal of Yiitdit, Diror and Buong” he said.

The hove statement was made out of lies and it was a pure misleading to Lou Nuer. Gov. Koang continues to say that “This will be another violation of the cessation of hostilities following last week’s series of attacks on our position in Partet, Payai, Pabuong, Pieri, and Wunbil by Gen Taban Deng”. he said. In that note, however, Gov. is trying very hard to please the readers as if he is not in contact with Riak Gai Kok.

However, a source confirmed that Koang Rambang refused to go to Lankien because he has an agreement between him and Riak Gai Kok not to go three, in returns, they will not go to Akoba.


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