South Sudan Threatens to Kick Out IGAD-mandated Ceasefire Monitors Over “Fake” Reports

A South Sudanese Minister says government is considering kicking IGAD-mandated ceasefire monitors out of the country, after the group accused its soldiers of violating the truce.

Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Elia Lomuro told reporters on Friday that they can not continue taking accusations and threats from the Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMM), whose reports are “fake and biased”.

“We have told CTSAMM in very clear terms that we will not work the way we have worked in 2017. We’ll take charge of what is happening, and they are not allowed to release any reports until they investigate and a board meeting (which includes government generals) sits before the violation is declared,” he said.

“We’ll go and tell IGAD to either empower CTSAMM to work properly or to use the regional protection force, which is doing nothing here … they should handover the role of CTSAMM to UNMISS,” he added.

The minister said government has submitted a series of reports on ceasefire violation by rebels, which CTSAMM has failed to investigate. He slammed the recent report as done on the desk without on ground work.

Monitors accused government soldiers of appearing “to act with impunity and that they do not understand the significance and consequence of their actions.”

The said there’s “clear evidence” that Men in army uniforms sexually assaulted more than 150 women and children around South Sudan’s capital last year. Such violence by government soldiers and security personnel is prevalent in the capital, Juba, and surrounding central Equatoria region.


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