Tanzania arrests Pastor who preaches with beer and declared that Bible allows fornication (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

January 25, 2018, Police in Tanzania have detained a controversial self-proclaimed prophet after a video of him emerged dancing with bottles of beer and declaring that the Bible allows drinking and fornication.
A medical check-up showed that 44-year old Onesmo Machibya, commonly known as Prophet Tito, was mentally ill, said Gilles Muroto, the police commander in the capital, Dodoma.
Mr Machibya or his representatives have not yet commented.
The viral footage also shows the self-styled prophet dancing and kissing his wife and a maid, saying it is OK to sleep with maids.
Police accuse him of handing out leaflets in various entertainment venues and bars in Dodoma, and promoting beliefs that contradict Tanzanian culture and ethics.

Watch his footage below:


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