Paul Malong condemned Akol Koor and Salva Kirr for killing Mour Kuac brothers


By Malong Awan

Press Statement
Condemning the Prevalent Killing of Innocents in the country
January 25th, 2018

It is when one of them occupied a prestigious position in the decision-making kitchen within the Khartoum regime, the killing of unarmed citizens occurred. While he was in the government, the massacre of Malual Dinka known as Al-Dain massacre took place and he did not protest the incident. The conviction to represent and served your people diligently was not in his dictionary.
Today the same scenario is repeated before these political elites in the governing bodies, and in the same manner, they could not even come out to condemn the killing of three young people mercilessly killed in Juba a few days ago. The victims did not post any threat to the government in Juba. They were simply targeted and killed in Juba because of who they were. This happened in a city where these MPs stood up three days ago to condemn a rebellion that has never been declared. The manner in which these young men were killed was inhumane.

Yet the MPs’ reaction was absent and merciful feeling was not within their political works of literature. They know how to denounce and condemn the historical leaders, who contributed significantly in the realization of an independent South Sudan we all know today. Their aim is to tarnish the credibility of some military and political leaders that South Sudan has ever known. Their work is to deny tribute accorded to those liberators, risked all and fought for justice and freedom of citizens. The MPs along with others in Juba are against those who participated in the liberation struggle which was triggered by the bondage of injustice of the Old Sudan. They are doing so by shifting public attention from the reality of the collapsing economy, insecurity and misery of life that citizens are living. Some of those MPs are mobilized to go after people like me, the very man who was once the safeguard to their political success. I wouldn’t have kept quiet but to speak against the killings if I were still in government.
Truly, it is crystal clear that the measure of thinking for those who called themselves former NBGS MPs in the National Parliament and council of the States is to appease the current leadership, they are giving a green light to Head of National Security to continue exercising brutality on innocent citizens. However, if the MPs were truly representatives of the people they claimed to represent, they should have come out denouncing and condemning the killing of three young but innocent men from the family of Muor Kuac in Juba. Furthermore, the targeting and the discriminate killing of certain groups within the nation is ongoing.

It is an act of terror and shall never be condoned. Even today, it’s confirmed that there have been a pending assassinations plans against the sons of Aweil inside and outside the country. While many of them are being tortured daily by the security apparatus, the inhumane treatment of private citizens and the discriminate attacks against them, simply because of who they relate to or where they come from raise urgent question on what and how responsibly is the head of security organs in dealing with these critical matters. A simple answer is, it is deliberate and well-established operation, meant to harm the citizens. The group is specialized and trained to operate as actors of poor theatres, which are measured to function on the scale of their political conscience.
I strongly condemn the killing and the targeting of innocent people based on their family background or geographical location.

It is illegal and equally unconstitutional to target and kill the very people you supposed to protect. This criminal and terrorist activity must stop if we are to prevail as a nation-state. My deepest sympathy to the family of Mour Kuac and to those families whom their loved-ones have been killed since May 11, 2017 up-to date such as Cde, Bol Deng Miyen, Akech Piol Makuei and Peter Pal Garkuath among others. Our country is experiencing lawlessness and the terror is gaining ground daily and victims are set to die every day. I know how hard and difficult it is at this tragic time to the family and the nation as a whole for what is taking place. , my thoughts and prayers are with the families of these three sons and to those whom lives have been cut short unjustly and for no reason.

Gen. Paul Malong Awan
Former SPLA Chief of General Staff


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