Juba forces attacking SPLA-IO forces in Yei River



Yesterday, 01-02-2018 at around 3:00pm, SPLA-IG forces moved out from Kaya center with a number of armoured fleet and provocatively attacked SPLA-IO position at Dudulabe area located about 5 miles north of Kaya town. This aggression which started on the 31-01-2018 compelled SPLA-IO forces to tactfully withdraw from the area to avoid civilian casualties.

The SPLA has stationed its contingent force at Alikate and Dudulabe after heavily carrying out random shelling which lasted for an hour.

They also took more reinforcements to those areas this morning, a clear strategy they are using to infiltrate our base at Yondu and Panyume in Morobo County.

This renewed provocation is not only a violation of the word and spirit of the ACOH, but also a defiance and a direct insult to the suffering South Sudanese, AU, IGAD, Troika and the broader international community whose stand in resolve for peace is appealing.

We call upon CTSAMM not to watch this continued violation of the ACOH by the regime forces with impunity until SPLA-IO retaliates only for them to apportion blame on both sides, but to immediately investigate and hold Kiir’s government to account for derailing the effort to restore peace and security in the Reuplic of South Sudan.

Wayi Godwill Edward
Office of the SPLM-IO Governor,
Yei River State.



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