Victims’ father tries to attack Larry Nassar in the courtroom

By Associated Press |

CHARLOTTE, Mich. (AP) — 9:20 a.m.

A father of three victims of Larry Nassar has tried to attack the disgraced former sports doctor during a court hearing in Michigan.

Bailiffs tackled the father Friday morning in the courtroom.

After two of his daughters spoke, the father, Randall Margraves, asked the judge for “five minutes” in a locked room with Nassar. The judge said she could not do that.

Margraves then asked for one minute, but the judge said she also couldn’t allow it. He then rushed at Nassar.

Two of his daughters had given statements to the court. They said their other sister also had been molested by Nassar.

Crying could be heard in the courtroom as Nassar was escorted out. Assistant Attorney General Angela Povilaitis told families in the courtroom to “use your words” and that violence “is not helping your children.”


9:05 a.m.

A Michigan judge says controversial comments made by an attorney for disgraced former sports doctor Larry Nassar were “unfortunate.”

Judge Janice Cunningham opened the second day of Nassar’s final sentencing hearing on Friday by addressing comments that attorney Shannon Smith made the day before to radio station WWJ.

Smith said she had doubts about the large number of women and girls who say they are victims.

The judge says Nassar didn’t authorize the statements and has disavowed them. Cunningham says it’s unfortunate Smith made the comments during the sentencing proceedings.

Cunningham says “what is relevant is for the court to hear each individual story and how the criminal actions of the defendant impacted each individual’s life.”

The hearing focuses on Nassar’s work with Twistars, an elite Michigan gymnastics club. More than 30 victims have given statements so far. During a similar hearing that ended last week, more than 150 girls and women came forward.


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