Breaking News: Faith J. Hooper Mccdonnel paid $1.5 million dollars by SPLA Juba, she is a logistic officer for SPLA Juba regim forces, the white woman seen on facebook calling opposition a terorists

February 4, 2018, Faith J. Hooper Mccdonnel is a logistic officer for South Sudan government. Shortly after U.S government announce the sanction against South Sudan, Faith J. Hooper Mccdonnel posted this on Facebook  that “Why does the Trump Administration not see they are being played by Khartoum and others when it comes to South Sudan?”

She claimed that she is aDirector for Religious Liberty Program & Church Alliance for a New Sudan at Institute on Religion & Democracy and ChurchOfTheApostles

However, this woman is very much into SPLA Juba regime’s logistics army sales


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