FVP Taban Deng Gai organizes army to protest agianst U.S arms embargo agaonst South Sudan

stdFebruary 6, 2018, South Sudan FVP Taban Deng Gaci call for SPLA army to show force to United State of America by saying “It is the Chinese who will build the roads in South Sudan, not Americans because they are not our partners in our economy.”

He continuer to say that, The partners are Chinese and the other potential partners are Russians, they are building a refinery, the first refinery in South Sudan. So these are the people who have been defending us,” said Taban Deng Gai,

South Sudan’s First Vice President, on Sunday. courted the U.S that they have never done anything, “During the war of liberation, I have never seen the American M16 … I know AK-47, I know the support from Russia, I know the support from Libya, I know the support from Ethiopia and I know the support from Yemen.” he said

The second top South Sudanese official said the government will not collapse because of the U.S. sanctions. “Our friends are there. America wanted to impose this arms embargo through the United Nations, but it is because Russia has refused; it is because China has refused. The little dollars we have in South Sudan today it is because of oil. Our partners in oil are Chinese,” he said.

Gai said South Sudan government will lodge a complaint against the United States to Russia and China in protest against the arms embargo.


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