Juba led SPLA attacked SPLM-IO position in Nasir triggered walk out at peace talks

img_1655February 12, 2018,

Press Release

The regime’s forces still violating the CoH

This Monday morning, on the 12/2/2018, the Merciless regime’s forces came out and attacked the SPLA (IO) position at Torpuot and Nyatoot in Sobat state the distance of 18km and of course, this is a well known violation against the (HLRF) road map going on in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The SPLA (IO) forces under command of Cdr. Major General Tut Riek of Division Three (3) made an accessive respond against the attackers and the merciless regime’s forces fall under the desperately hot repulses by the freedom fighters toward the Nasir town.

At the time of speaking, General told me that, thirty seven (37) regime soldiers left exposed on the sunlight after the sttack and the Lul of guns still enormously heard and flowing toward the town.

It is clear that the regime in Juba doesn’t adhere to any discussion that makes possible political solution in the country. Therefore, Salva Kiir is cheating the donors`s fund for five (5) years and this manner needs appropriate observation from the IGAD, AU, Troika and indeed International community to make a quick investigation as to why regime still intensifying fighting in the country while world is busy to brings peace into the war torn nation.

Brig. General William Gatjiath Deng
Spokesperson for SPLA( IO)
Pagak GHQs, Monday, 12/2/2018


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