Murle army of David Yau Yau are attacking the Lou Nuer every day

Press Release

Ref: Condemnation letter by Lou Nuer Youth Association

February 16, 2018, The Lou Nuer Youth Association in juba would like to condemn, in the strongest possible terms a series of provocative attacks launched in the territory of Bieh State by marauding armed Murlei men.

On the 28 January 2018 Paak, Nyiew and Nyiing Payam of Muodit County were attacked by the army Murle Youth 3000 heads of cattle were stolen 2,500 of which were recovered after a fierce battle.

On the 6 of February 2018, heavily armed Murle Youth attacked Uleng Payam in Padiek County, killing two men and looted more than 500 heads of cattle.

On the 4 February 2018, same Murle Youth attack Pow Bor Payam of Majiok County, killing 28 people on the spot 7 children abducted with number of people still missing.
The stolen cattle were recovered after a heavy engagement with the white Army.

Yesterday, a group of armed Murle Youth a gain attacked Guer Payam of Pading county in which 270 heads of cattle were raided 5 people killed 4 men and 1 women.

We would like to bring this issue of great concern to the attention of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan, UNMISS and other concern security organs that these attack are uncalled for at the time when the President of the Republic H.E, General Salva Kiir Mayardit has initiated the National Dialogue at reconciling South Sudan.

We call also call upon Boma State Government and local authorities there, to discipline and rein in on their Youth.

There is will come a time when the Lou Nuer Youth would not continue to tolerate such a barbaric attack.

They should not be expected to sit with their handed folded while their properties are being looted.

It is to be recall that the conflict between the Murle and Lou Nuer has been there ever since and it’s connected with the Murle culture of children abducted and cattle rustling.

The Murle Youth are known for always violating the resolution of peace conference conducted among the Lou Nuer, Dinka Bor and the Murle by themselves.

We, the Lou Nuer are peaceful -loving and would always want to remain peaceful with our neighbouring but this should not be translated for weakness and indecisiveness.

Finally, we prevail on the Boma State government to ensure that the abducted children and stolen cattle are brought back with out preconditions and in the shortness possible time. We call for the unity and peaceful co- existence among South Sudanese community.

The Government of Bieh State and the Lou community shall continue to support peace in our country

Duop Roam kok

Lou Nuer Youth Association for Development
Juba, South Sudan


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