The Sobat State government of Greater Nasir, is calling for indictment of Taban Deng Gai ICC for Nyatot incident


From: NyaTot Village victims
Sobat State, Mandeng HQ

To :
International Community
African Union
TROIKA Countries
IGAD Countries

Subject ; Atrocities Committed by SPLA-IG forces with the instruction from the FVP during NyaTot attack..

Your excellencies,

We as war victims do hereby registering our petition to your highest offices to consider what had happened at NyaTot Village in Sobat State as genuine attrocities and war crimes committed against humanity.

We would like to call upon the above mentioned International bodies to hold those with hands or feet accountable before International Court of Justice as stipulated in the agreement (ACRISS) termed as transitional Justice through Hybrid Court.

We have acknowledged it whole heartedly, that an attack was intended to kill Children and women according to war captives’ confessions and regrets , one among the pows that his appellation will not be disclosed due to fear of his relatives might be targeted by regime in Juba.

The war captive has mentioned senior commanders and high profile officials in the government of South Sudan.

Below is the list;

1.GEN .Taban Deng- FVP
2. Hon.Ezekiel Lol G – Petroleum minister
3.GEN. Thoi Chany – D/Defense minister
4.GEN. Ajongo Mawut .COGS SPLA
5.GEN. Akol Koor – DG Interior National Security.
6.GEN.Duoth Guet -DG External National Security
7.GEN. Gathoth Gatkuoth -Minister of Labour & Public Service .
8.Duer Chuol Kur- Governor of Latjor State.

He said, they had received an ordered from high leadership of the Country to carryout shut to kill all children and women in order to abstain following Dr. Riek Machar as their leader.

Therefore; it has exactly happened in the watch of UNMISS and JMEC observers witnessed the level of destruction in term of resources and human loss .

If SPLA forces we’re looking for Dr.Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon they would have gone to South Africa.

NyaTot Village is just inhabited by us as civilians why should they target our position? If they were looking for SPLA-IO soldiers they would have gone too where they are and fight them.

For this reason, There is no doubt that NyaTot Village incident must be treated as Court case before ICC and we as victims must be compensated for peace to reign in South Sudan otherwise circle of violence will never cease.

Therefore ; the attached below are photos of NyaTot Village victims as materials evidences.

CC: Dr.Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon
CC: Sobat State
CC: Civil Society
CC: SPLA-IO delegates, Addis Ababa


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