Lou Nuer members: Juba is killings civilians, where are IGAD and international community?

img_1655This is the 26/2/2018 news of the innocent civilians killing by Kiir and his allies targeting villages in Bieh State of greater Lou Nuer .
The following are the one who meet death without clear reason why the SPLA of Kiir in Yuai attacked Muodit Payam and killed many in cool blood.
Kiir armed walked out from trenches in Yuai and cross over to Muodit and killed
1`three children were killed
2.Junub,Gatluak Thiang 7 years
3.Nyawal Lony Biel Thiang 2 years
B. Six children and a woman wounded
1.Gatwech Riek Thiang 10 years
2.Nyayian Gatwech Bol 9 years
3.Nyariek Gai Challenge 9 years
4.Mabor Mayien Suit 7years
5.Nyak Gatluak Nyak 8 years
6.Nyanchiew Thon

Nyak 6.years
7.Nyadholi Gatluak Nyak 6 years

C. Eighteen houses and and two Luak for cattle keeping houses burned down, also Tearfund compound and PHC payam clinic were looted and destroyed.
School food for children a store was looted.

D. All market was burned down and burned some goats inside.
The government of Salva Kiir is making business of destruction and a clear violation of both ACOH and DOP which agreed by all parties in Addis Ababa
Government force surprised the community attacking them with no one expected that to happened.
The children were in the classes and they begun shooting randomly to the children, no armed in the place, normal village people who are living their normal livings.

Where is Human Rights which safeguards and why Kiir is given freedom to kills as he wishes and the parties in war with him are not given chance to to fight the regime which kills without mercy

Where is the punishment which the partners declared any violation will be accompany?
What will happened in such a situation where no more help men
justice is demand now or the country will go for really war till we see the rights of our normal citizens are protected

Parties concern for monitoring those horrific crimes need to come up with judgement to such crimes violated norms for humanity

Moses Gatkuoth and community representative Lou Nuer community


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