Gov. Koang Rambang freed the killers of Gen. Mabor Dhol’s family and he is now heading to Nyirol

john_luk_18_06_2011_s_boboyaFebruary 28, 2018, John Luk Jok advised Gov. Koang Rambang not to travel to Nyirol County due his involvement in a killing of Gen. Thomas Mabor Dhol’s family according to  a source in Walgak County.

Akobo West, source in Walgak County of Bieh State confirmed that  Gov. Koang Rambang Chol freed the killers of the family members of Gen. Thomas Mabor Dhol who were killed in cold blood while traveling with the Governor Koang Rambang last week.

Speaking in Walgak, Akobo West, on the condition of anonymously, a source says Gov. Koang is preparing to to go to Nyirol County where he will meet with other opposition leaders there.


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