Exclusive News: Bentiu Oil only for Dinka Ruweng? Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth signed the order already

March 10, 2018, a report indicated that Minister in office of president in collaboration of current VIP president Taban Deng and Ministry of Petroluem Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth are finally work out plan to kick out all oil employees in GPOC working in former Unity State counties with exception of Ruweng and Abiemnom.

The move is believe, to executed and implemented the government plan of forcefully enacted unity oil field to so- call Ruweng-State as its has been face a lot of resistance from the orginal inhabitants of the lands.

According to anonymous source placed in office of Minister of petroleum, it was revealed that all keys position in GPOC was given to Parieng and Abiemnom people, when asked about the reason “he, said the order is come from above as president say bentui oil is belong to Dinka Ruweng and Abiemnom”

Here is the draft of the new list of employees of oil company of GPOC according to where they come from (Location)

1- GPOC VIC president: Dinka Parieng.

2-GPOC Generall Manager Dinka Parieng.

3 GPOC CD Manager: Dinka Abiemnom.

4- GPOCFieild Base Manager: Dinka Abiemnom

5-GPOC Sec.Manager: Parieng Dinka

6- GPOC HSE SEC/: Dinka Abiemnom.

7-GPOC HR SECTION /: Parieng Dinka


9- GPOC PLANNING SEC/HEAD Paring County, tribe Dinka.

10- SEC/HR: Abiemnom Dinka

11- SEC/AVAITION: Paring Dinka.

Pluse other in oil company of SPOC, DPOC and Nilepet.

Therefore Both Taban and Ezekiel took the opportunity to maintain the status quo as the only way to flattering the regime so that they remain in the clubs of looters untouched.

Taban Deng is to reactivate Nyakik Company which he has built with 2% of bentiu oil money. during The time when he is Governor of unity State.

#Note, Unity oil field in Rubkoni county and Maga, Block 2 Guit County, plus Black 4 kaikang Mayom County are forcefully enacted and surrendered to So-called Ruweng State via unilateral presidential decrees of 32 state.


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