Breaking News: Egypt’s president promise Salva Kirr that Soouth Sudan will be a memeber of Arab league

March 12, 2018, Africans Press has learned that Egypt’s foreign minister Sameh Shoukri is in Juba on a speciel mission to Salva Kirr.  Sameh Shoukri is being send to delivered a special message to South Sudan President Salva Kiir from President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.
The message by al-Sisi is an assurance focusing on the latest rejection by the Arab League that South Sudan should be an Islamic State before joining the league. Egypt President Al Sisi said “Egypt stands with South Sudan” and joining the Arab League will bring back peace to South Sudanand the people of South Sudan,  “so that they can realize their aspirations and obtain their security and stability,” he said.

The Egyptian President in his letter reiterated his commitment to support South Sudan’s  bid to join the Arab League as they wishes so that can bring about peace and unity between the people of South Sudan and the Arab World. Egypt will continue playing its role and provide all the facilities in the field of capacity with in the Arab League, according to the letter.


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