Breaking News: Uganda imported weapons to South Sudan despite U.S arms embargo

March 12, 2018, A source with in the office of the President, Salva Kirr revealed that Juba received 9 convoys full of arms and ammunitions. This happened last week when Salva Kirr travelled to Nimule and claims “private visit” in which sources are saying he was there to received the weapons personally.

A report last week says that, South Sudan’s President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, was in Nimule on a private visit during which he also addressed a crowd of citizens in the area. The small border town of Nimule is the country’s southern gateway to neighboring Uganda.

Salva kirr chooses the border two that he has never visit in long time just to received the weapons. And to furthe confused the situation, Kiir brought two of his children to visit their mother’s grave in Pageri area on Saturday. Kiir’s wife Achol Philip Nhial died in 1993 and was buried in the area of Pageri.

At the time of his visit, the top state official pointed out that the people of Nimule urged President Kiir to bring about peace in the country. “Women in Nimule also said they need schools, hospitals and farming tools,” he said.


However, it was not the case according to latest report, he was there simply to received the weapons from Musseveni of Uganada.


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