The New Dawn is born, The Federal Democratic of Upper Nile.Solution for South Sudan,

March 15, 2018, The New Dawn is born, The Federal Democratic of Upper Nile. Please joins us and start the journey together.

The Implementation of lasting peace in South Sudan. A case for Federal Republic of Upper Nile

This article focuses on the issue of implementing principles of people of greatest Upper Nile to self-determination for Nuer, Shiluk, Murle and other minorities groups in the great Upper Nile State. In order to capture core challenges related the current war and how to bring about peace and tackle the real issues concerning the great Upper Nile, the first section outlines the importance of adopting a relational approach to the people of greater Upper Nile to be a independent Country.

For you to take your take, this will be done by using the explanatory power of this approach, it is possible to understand modern people of Greater Upper Nile in South Sudan. The second section connects the concept of commonalities within Great Upper in many stages in which the people of Great Upper Nile can be able to live in peace in their own Country.

A Relational Approach to Federal Republic of Upper Nile
A relational approach will helps to capture the core challenges related to the current situation in South Sudan toward self-determination for the people of great Upper Nile. Inspired by the break away from Sudan in 2011, it is important for the people of Great Upper Nile to envision this possibilities. This envision can be seen through two analytical normative spaces of political participation and governance.

The first space is governed by the Great Upper Nile peoples themselves through forms of autonomy and self-government. The second space encompasses the political system of the state as a whole. The perceived size and nature of the respective spaces vary and may depend on such factors as livelihood, cultural background, and territory (for instance, the Nuer, Shilluk, or Murle could be either a minority or majority within a given region). Stay tune for more to come
By Gatluke Chuol Reat


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