South Sudan is a thick blood that do not deserve to be build anymore, Three regions is a clear choice

March 16, 2018, Dear my brothers and sisters of South Sudan, “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds” of blood, but instead even expose them; for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done” by blood builders in darkness. Speak to yourself my brothers and sisters, South Sudan is born out of blood, and therefore, trying to build the same blood is what plunge us into this chaotic bloody war now in South Sudan. be your own adviser, don’t listen to them telling you they build this bloody country and therefore the blood must still bleed. This blood is your brother and sister’s blood not their blood. Speak for your dead not to the blood builder, be a champion for tomorrow my brothers and sisters. Stop this thick blood hanging over us, the South Sudan.

Let me take you back to our history my brothers. In 1950s Equatorians were fighting for South Sudan federation, but now Dinka are saying the history of South Sudan is born in 1983, then, In 1947, Both Diu who happen to be a Nuer famously said, “South Sudan shall governed itself”. Then, there is this 1972 Addis Ababa agreement which was signed in a hope that South Sudan will govern itself, Ok,  just to mention a few. But now, the current regime in Juba want us to believe that South Sudan is born out of blue? Don’t you see this blood cloud hanging over us? don’t you see how thick the blood is, don’t you see how cold it is?

Speak truth my brothers and sisters. Don’t you see how cold it is?, in 2005, Shilluk lands was in the center of all these messes again, in 2008 in Juba, the same thing was happening to Equatoria, in Wau, and many areas across South Sudan, speak the truth, do not let your ego blind your soul. The only way for your children and my children to live in peace and harmony is to divided our region into ownership of its habitats such as great Bhar El Gazal, Upper Nile and Equatoria.

So, my brothers and sisters, don’t was more lives by thinking that you will change other, it did not work in Yugoslavia, it also did not work in Europe as whole and that is why you see British is breaking away from European Union and also that is why the United States of America elected Donald Trump for he want to kick out migrants. So, brothers and sisters, I discourage you to continue trying to build a thick blood hoping that it will stand still.

So, my brothers and sisters, we must divided South Sudan into three regions. Greater Bhar El Gazal, (Capital Wau) Greater Upper Nile (Capital Malakal) and Greater Equatoria (Capital Juba), once we done that, you will see how follows will grow up again, you will see our children dancing and have hope for their future and the future of their children.

All you needed to now, is to joins masses and mobilize the grass roots to stand up for their future.


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