Juba is preparing for war in Yei

Press Release


Yesterday the 17/03/2018, the regime’s Yei River Governor Emmanuel Adil was sent by Salva Kiir to add weight on the allegations labeled against the SPLA IO by Gen Lul Ruai for the cattle rustling in Moyo – Uganda and at Kumuri (Ombachi) in Rum, DRC. This happened in a meeting held yesterday at Kaya border town.

In his accusation, Gen Lul Ruai said “an ID recovered from a dead raider indicated that he was a rebel fighter hailing from Kajo-Keji County of Yei River State.” This is self contradiction and confusion of the highest order and besides its a mockery against these two neighbouring countries; lying openly, instead of apologizing and returning the cattle.

The SPLA IO has been documenting and following every raid done by the regime’s forces to our neighbours in Moyo which is intended to destabilize the good relationship between the communities at the border area.

The SPLA IO calls for CTSAMM and UNMISS to investigates this incidents of cattle raids to find out exactly who are behind the raids as part of their new Mandated 2018-2019. The resistance continues.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel

SPLA IO Deputy Military Spokesperson


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