White nationalist/White supremacist at Wilfrid Laurier University: Open Letter to Deborah MacLatchy, President and Vice Chancellor of Wilfrid Laurier University

Dear Ms. MacLatchy,As the president and Vice Chancellor of Wilfrid Laurier University, you must be aware of the guest lecture by Faith Goldy at the Waterloo campus. The guest lecture is being organized by Laurier Society for Open Inquiry. We ask that you, along with the senior leadership at WLU put a stop to this event immediately. You and the powers of your office give you the ability to do so.

Ms. Goldy is known to be sympathetic and supportive of the white nationalist/white supremacist movement. Ms. Goldy has also, on the record, recited neo-Nazi rhetoric. Ms. Goldy promotes ideology that is not in line with Canadian values and also spits in the face of many of WLU’s the guiding principles. In particular, Ms. Goldy’s presence on campus is not in line with the universities principles of Community Citizenship, Integrity & Strong Leadership, Collaboration and Collegiality & Respectful Relationships.

On the WLU web page, of your many accolades and accomplishments, you are recognized for your “creation and expansion of the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives with a focus on community partnerships and support for Indigenous students; championing an enhanced focus on diversity, equity, gendered violence and inclusivity initiatives”.

Provincially and nationally, as a country we are moving the needle on all matters related equity, social justice and living up to the ideal that “no one is left behind”. As a country we have recognized that we need to take action and be bold in our leadership to bring our country/community together. This is best exampled by our Federal Government moving forward with Truth & Reconciliation to acknowledge the years of systemic anti-Indigenous racism that has existed in Canada and all of its negative outcomes. Our Prime Minister is the first PM in our nations history to acknowledge that anti-Black Racism is an issue that needs to be acknowledged and addressed as Black Canadians face interpersonal and systemic barriers that no Canadian should have to deal with. Our provincial government has developed the Anti Racism Directorate along with an Anti-Racism Strategy that focuses on addressing anti-Indigenous/Black/Islamophobia/Semitism.

WLU has long been a leader in Waterloo region on matters of equity and social justice. As a concerned community who thinks the best (and only) way forward is to find the threads that bind us together and denouncing any action, ideology or rhetoric that divides us. Ms. Goldy and her white supremacist ideology is about as divisive as it gets. Please take a moment to think of the safety needs of the diverse student population at WLU and the surrounding community. By allowing Ms. Goldy to speak, you unintentionally send a message to them that WLU is not committed to inclusion, equity and safety. As we have seen from examples across this country and in the U.S.A. by not taking a firm stand against racist ideology and white supremacy, you only embolden that fringe segment of our society to be more brazen in their actions. This can lead to creating situations where people’s safety is put at risk. You and your office have the power to do something about it.

On the heels of the International Day of the Elimination of Racism, there are many community efforts happening that aim to demonstrate Waterloo region is committed bringing us closer to achieving this goal. We hope that one of the biggest and most powerful institutions in our community can and will be as courageous as many local grassroots groups and stand firmly against racism of any kind in all of its forms.

The community is not only watching how you handle Ms. Goldy and this situation but we are counting on you to stand in solidarity with us.

Thank you in advance.


Fanis Juma Radstake
African Community Wellness Initiative

Dr. Craig Fortier
Assistant Professor, Social Development Studies
Renison University College

Allen Magama

Stephen Svenson, PhD
Department of Sociology
Wilfrid Laurier University

Rohan Thompson
WLU Alumni(02&O4) Concerned community member

Hannah Batten

Kaitlyn Bois
WLU alumna

Steve Tulloch
Concerned Waterloo Citizen

Islai Rathlin

Samantha Estoesta Williams
Former staff at LSPIRG

Kai Butterfield

Tiyondah K Fante-Coleman
Wilfrid Laurier University – Community Psychology Student

Donalee Mc Intyre

Alex Diceanu

Martin J. Clemens
The Downtown Kitchener Social Justice Coalition

Ryan Greenlaw

Adam Lewis
CAS member WLU; Doctoral student York University

Guy Brodsky
University of Waterloo

Daniel Lynn
WLU Alumni

Katelyn Leroux

Sean O’reilly
Community member

Victoria Lamont
University of Waterloo

Rachelle Miele
WLU Alumni

K. Taylor
WLU Master’s Student

Dr. Susan Hroncek
Alumni, Wilfrid Laurier University

Tamara Robinson

Adrienne Barrett Hofman
Waterloo resident

Steph Chandler Burns
Community member

Michelle Cuomo
University of Waterloo Alumni

Ruth Casselman
COO, Alert Labs

Anne Rudzinski

Amy Smoke
Incoming Grad Student

Dylan Perera
University of Waterloo

Brooke Dietrich
WLU student

Samra Khan
University of Waterloo

Lynda Turner
Canadian citizen

Alex O’Neill

Dr. Carolyn Machan

Justin Williams

Courtney Janssen-Grieve

Andrew Grieve

Elise Gordezky
Community member

Jamie Hofman
Community member

Stacy Gaikovaia
Engineering student

Tonya Malcolm

Carolina Pereira Miranda
Feminine Harbor Co-Founder

Ann Marie
Wilfrid Laurier University

Rebeccah Redden
UW Graduate 2015

Genie Lyon

Syed Raza

Christopher Wilton
Durham College

Kristina MCDougall
Local entrepreneur and Waterloo resident

Lorena Diller Harder
University of Waterloo

Cherisse Mike
Waterloo Staff

Erin Pitkethly

Zoe Andres

Nikki Silva
University of Waterloo

Allie Piatkowski

Brian Reynolds

Will Borys

Carin Lowerison
Arts professional

Laura Cudworth

Olivia McGregor

Anneka Bosse

Erin Huston
UWaterloo student, possible Laurier graduate student – still deciding

Milas Hewson
WLU student

Riamarie Panachikal
University of waterloo

Kasha Doucett

Bianca Bitsakakis

Brett Cox
McMaster University

Karly Rath

Janette MacDonald
BBA, WLU, class of 1999

Lauren Weinberg
Waterloo resident

Sharla Johnston

Bronwyn Addico

Jacqui Terry
Bring in the Sunshine, African Canadian Association member

Nancy Forde

Kendra Hardy
WLU student

Lindsay McDonald

Emily McLaughlin
Concerned Student

Katie Moore

Diana Myre

Stephanie Davidson

Lori Campbell
St. Paul’s University College

Emily Schaefer

Jancey-Lu Ballantyne

Vera Champs
University of Ottawa Law Student

Robyn Peers
University of Waterloo

Elisabeth Bruins
UW student, and concerned community member

Reba Campbell
University of Waterloo Graduate

Melissa Bernais

Kate MacPherson
St. Jerome’s University

Rachael Winter
Student, University of Waterloo

Ethan Jackson
Wilfrid Laurier University, MA CS, BA

Sue Weare

Shadi Ramez
Social worker

Ashley-Ann Marcotte
WLU Alumni

Franki Harrogate
Graduate student, Athabasca University

Dana Carreon
Brock University

Kymberley Feltham
MA Comm Studies, WLU

Nicole E Pariser
WLU Alumna

Krystl Raven
University of Saskatchewan

Jennifer Smith

Kacy Furner

Lauren Vyse

Shama Rangwala
University of Alberta

Keer Wang

Urszula Matusik

Marilyn Hill
WLU Alumna

Adam Pitters-Fisher

Oluwaseun Makinde

Hope Engel
Former WLU employee

Rachel Cogswell
Laurier alum

Kimberly Pickles

Ryan Wettlaufer
Laurier Alumnus

Rachael Simon
Aamjiwnaang First Nation

Graham Barnes

Jenny Lotette
Local resident

Sydney Piatkowski

Jen Rathlin
University of Waterloo

Lucia Harrison
CEO, Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre

Scott Williams

Hannah Enns
UW alumni and Waterloo resident

Rebecca Clarke

Marcos Moldes
WLU Alumni

Lynn Dramnitzki

Rob Parker
University of Waterloo

Santiago Grande
Social Worker

Tammy Dawson
WLU alumna

Kassandra Caporiccio
University of Waterloo Alumni

Anum Hashmi

Isaac Mulè
Page1Entertainment – Arts Organization

Karen Rosenberger

Chelsea Davies-Kneis

Abigail Klassen

Marcos Moldes
WLU Alumni

Alexandra Orlando
WLU Alumni

Kimberley Wilson

Gwyneth Mitchell

Natalie Ricard

Sarah Szymanski

Kayla Wright
Social Development Studies student


Note: In addition to endorsing this letter, we also encourage you to email your concerns to the following individuals:

MPP Catherine Fife: cfife-co@ndp.on.ca

MPP Dianne Vernile: dvernile.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

MPP Kathryn McGeary: kmcgarry.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Mayor Dave Jaworsky: mayor@waterloo.ca

WLU Office of the President: mheaman@wlu.ca


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