Juba Regime began rainy season Offensive Operations against rebel

March 26, 2018, Lul Ruach Koang, the traitor spokesman of Dinka Council of Elder says that it is now almost the end of dry season. However, he said that the war is now began everywhere in the country. Lul Ruach has made a unrealistic fact by accusing rebel for attacking them with little prove anywhere.

However, Lul Ruach is known for his lies and warmongering

here is a lists he allegedly that is occurring.
Yei River State;
Kajo Keji County
Morsak and Sokeri Military Outposts were simultaneously attacked on 25/3/2018. The attackers were repulsed with information on casualties expected in the next 24 hours.
Bieh State:
Pading County;
Two SPLA soldiers were wounded and four rebels killed Riek’s tribal fighters attacked Guer military outpost. Four rifles for fallen rebels fighters were recovered. The daring frontal attack was carried today in the morning.
Latjor State:
On 25/3/2018, a Quad sized on fishing expedition to Khor Wakow was ambushed resulting in one serviceman getting wounded. The fishing mission was aborted and our forces retreated to their defensive trenches.
Fashoda State:
Rebel units comprising of fighters from Riek and Lam attacked SPLA Platoon deployed at Kalegeny forcing the tiny force to conduct a tactical withdrawal. The area is at moments in the hands of the rebels. The attack took place on 25/3/2018.
Information on casualties is yet to be received.
SPLA urgently calls upon CTSAMM to investigate rebels escalation of hostilities.
Its unfortunate that the rebel could not allow the people of South Sudan in general and Christians in particular to celebrate Palm Sunday Peace fully. The rebels have once again demonstrated flagrant disregard to Christians’ Holiday. Its worth reminding the people of South Sudan on Christmas’ Even and Day rebels disrupted celebrations by attacking our positions in Koc, Morobo and Kaya.
Brig. Gen “psc” Lul Ruai Koang,
Director Media, Press and SPLA Spokesperson


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