Breaking News: Nhial Deng Nhial is a son of late Hon . Philip Pidak Lieth of Nasir County after departure of his died

March 27, 2018, Who is Nhial Deng Nhial?

The gossiper known as Nhial Deng Nhial is the illegitimated son of late William Deng Nhial. He was born to family of William Deng Nhial by late Hon . Philip Pidak Lieth of Nasir County after departure of his dad. The moron hate Nuer to death despite been born by Nuer man and his wishful thinking of taking Presidency from Salva Kiir Kuethpiny Lual will never materialized.

It seems a son is like a dad. William Deng Nhial was traitor who died because of his political miscalculation. Him late William Deng Nhial, late Paul Logali and late Ali Batali defected from Sudan to Anya Anya One Movement in 1966 but William Deng Nhial later redefected to Sudan where he was conspired to death by Khartoum authorities in 1968 during the reign of Sudan Presidency Mohd Kaliil. Therefore, Nhial Deng Nhial is son of traitor whose betrayed Anya Anya One Movement in 1966_1968. The jealousy man is caught by serious disease known as Dr . Macharphobia( fear for Dr.Riek Machar ) and power gred. He was lazy damn guy who failed SPLA when appointed as Minister of Defence in 2009_ 2010 . He is incompetence and lazy damn chaunt. Curse to him son of whore or bastard.

Comrades, beliew me nothing good will come out from thievery engineers from Warap State. Warapians are corrupted , tribalists, thieves, barbaric animals and terrorists. Those of Warap thievery engineers led by visionless Sultan Salva Kiir Kuethpiny, Nhial Deng Nhial, Bona Malual Madut Arop, George Kongor Arop, Salva Mathok Gengdit, Gen.Bol Akot, Gen. Garang Mabil and Gen Alew Ayueny Alew, Bol Mel, Mary Ayendit and Tor Deng Mawien and many more gluttons. Those thieves are busy milking South Sudan’s resources while the rest include others Dinka sections plus other 63 tribes are just grabbing cow’s horns. Shame ya Akul baraw group.

The traitor called Nhial Deng Nhial reached to extend of denied the national roles played by former Zonal Commander of Western Upper Nile ( WUN ) Major Dr.Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon who was the one of top SPLM/ A politico Military High Commands( PMHC ) whose also hierarchy ranked number 7 from SPLM/ A Alternative Military High Commands ( AMHC ) .

Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon during our armed struggles led 4 battalions of SPLA like Jamus, Tiger, Timsa and Murmur battalions whereby he had liberated Melut in northern Upper Nile region, while in Western Upper Nile region he had captured Ador, Adok el Bhar, Leer, Ngony, Koch, Chotyiel, Wangkai, Mayom, Abiemnhom, Heglic and Parieng town.

Which battalion did Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial led? Non. He was bodyguards of late Dr. John Garang de Mabior and ration distributor like his friend Taban Nyakek Lam.

The son of bastard is calling for exclusion of reformist and visionary leader Dr. Riek Machar from Revitilalization Peace Process and upcoming Transitional Government of National Unity. Such blatant statement mean declaration of war to mass population in South Sudan which call for reformation and better South Sudan. Who is going to implement our popular demands if Not Dr. Machar? Taban Deng Gai or James Wani Igga?

Hence, the wishful thinking of excluding Dr. Machar in South Sudan wouldn’t bring peace but destruction and long sufferings of our dear citizens in RSS JCE should know well.

It seems the motive behind the Jieng Council of Evils’ agenda of hindrance Dr. Machar from ladder to Presidency is real. The Jaang Council of Elders should pretty know that South Sudan is Republic Country, it is Not a Kingdomship neither a Monarchy. The ideology of “Dinkanization” and “born to rule not to be rule” is deplorable and ridiculous conceptions. We in South Sudan shall never surrender to authoritarian rule, injustice, political slavery, inferiority, born to rule ideology or Dinkanization, land grabbing, rampant corruption, discrimination base on ethnicities, anarchy and lawlessness. The South Sudan Presidency is belongs to all Citizens of the country not property of one ethnic group.

Therefore, we hereby calling upon all peace lovers and concerned citizens of South Sudan at home as well as diaspora to unite with one voice by denouncing and strongly condemn Juba genocidal regime to refrain from being rigid, reluctance and flip flop for bring lasting peace to the country. Enough is enough nas Juba. Let Dr. Machar return home than we shall jubilant for genuine and unshakeable peace agreement.


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