Dinka forces left their position in Wechyaradiw Nasir and attacked the SPLA IO controlled areas of Ketbek

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Sobat State
This morning, the 31/03/2018 at around 9:16AM, the regime’s forces left their position in Wechyaradiw and attacked the SPLA IO controlled areas of Ketbek and Padanyang; However, the SPLA IO gallant forces repulsed the attackers and pursued them to where they came from.
After being defeated, the regime’s forces resorted to randomly shelling towards the civilians residents causing more civilian’s displacement.

Kajo Keji
Yesterday 30/03/2018 at about 12:00PM, the regime’s forces got out of their trenches in Kimu escorted by four Anti Personnel Carriers (APCs) and launched an aggressive attack on our position in Mangalatore. The infantry was cut off and repulsed with casualties while the APCs proceeded to IDP camp in Kerwa where they looted and destroyed the health facility, school and burned every building they see. The four APCs continued their aggressive destruction across the Ugandan border in the morning hours of 31/03/2018, where they also looted and destroyed civilian’s properties. This attack on Ugandan soil is meant to destroy the good relationship the civilians along the border enjoy.

Bieh State.
On 29/03/2018 the regime’s forces carried out an offensive attack against the SPLA IO position in Rimni village; 4 hours away from with the aim of reaching Lanken but they were repulsed with heavy loses. Several boxes of ammunition were captured and more than 10 enemies were killed. The regime decided to send reinforcement from Jonglei state to complete the mission of reaching Lanken in the next round.

It has come to the knowledge of the SPLA IO that the CTSAMM and UNMISS teams have been denied travels to areas of clashes for investigation by the regime. The SPLA IO calls upon the IGAD, AU and TROIKA to urgently rectify this mess created. The resistance continues.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel
SPLA IO Deputy Spokesperson


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