Are you tired of IGAD playing dirt with the blood of our people of Upper Nile?

Flag of Upper NileApril 6, 2018, Call to Action to all Citizen of Greater Upper Nile Region: Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile

Are you tired of IGAD playing dirt with the blood of our people of Upper Nile?

Imagine, the world is cheating on our people with fake peace process in Addis Ababa, Imagine, your entire regions became a complete war zone, your entire region has been destroyed? what else then, are you fighting for?

All Great Upper Nile Region should report themselves to Greater Upper Nile and declared their own  independent

This new project will mean that our already destroyed and UNMISS crowded CAMPs will get even more crowded, that our already congested roads will get even more congested, and that our already Destroyed Cities might get dusty. I know that many of you oppose this project, but merely feeling that way isn’t enough to change anything.

If you’ve ever been reluctant to get involved, this is the perfect moment to jump in. When you get home, please make yourself useful by mobilizing your friends on Facebook or any other form of social media that you could do, or by email or phone call to your friends. And tomorrow morning – before lunchtime – please call your best friends to inform them about this beginning. We have a Facebook page already called: Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile . You have the power to rescue our people in Upper Nile this project – and I hope you will do your part to rescue our people from this messes of Salva Kirr it.”


Gatluke Chuol Reat


Worker People’s Party of Upper Nile

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