Breaking News: SPLA IO forces captured Nhialdiu and killed 35 regime soldiers in Bentiu

Press Release


Today 16/04/2018 at about 7:00AM, the regime’s forces under the command of Gen. Deng Wol came out of their trenches and attacked our defensive positions in and around Nhialdiu and Chotchara. The SPLA IO forces repulsed the attackers and pursued them to Nhialdiu and Bentiu respectively leading to the capture and destruction of Nhialdiu. The SPLA IO forces destroyed one Land cruiser mounted with BM-12 and several weapons captured. 35 regime’s soldiers were killed, and several others wounded. The SPLA IO lost 3 freedom fighters and 5 were wounded.

The attack in Nhialdiu is the third consecutive acts of aggression from the regime aimed at wiping out the SPLA IO forces from Liech State.
On 14/04/2018, the regime’s forces attacked our defensive positions in and around Gezira, Dhorkan, Changlual barracks and they also captured Baow. On the15th April they continued with the offensive by attacking our positions in Nhialdiu and Pibor. However, this morning the 16/04/2018 our gallant forces fought back with zeal and courage resulting to their total defeat in Boaw and the destruction of their base in Nhialdiu.

On a second note, this afternoon the 16/04/2018, Gen Puljang Top has moved the regime’s forces to attack the positions of SPLA IO forces under the command of Gen Biel Wich at wechok, waak and toucluak altogether anytime tomorrow. The SPLA IO forces are hereby directed to be alert all the time and maintain their defensive positions.

The regime’s intentions of taking more areas from SPLA IO prior to High Level Revitalization Forum resumption in Addis Ababa has been thwarted by our revolutionary forces around Bentiu. To the people of South Sudan and the supporters of the SPLM/A IO, be assured that the SPLA IO shall keep resisting the regime activities until a total equality, justice and freedom is achieved in South Sudan.

The SPLA IO as usual calls upon the CTSAMM and UNMISS to investigate these cowardice acts of the regime and hold them accountable for their crimes against peace in South Sudan. The resistance continues.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel
SPLA IO Deputy Military Spokesperson.


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