Siding with the regime in Juba? A call for the sons and daughters of greater Upper Nile: are you fighting for positions, or lands and the people?

Federal Democratic Republic Of Greater Upper Nile is leading the charge for the call to Greater Upper Nile people govern the Greater Upper Nile — not big money from IGAD’s Partners, not SPLM-this or SPLM-That, and not Selfish people who are looking after their positions. The confederations process is well on its way to help set reasonable cause in our political destination for the people of Greater Upper Nile, so that all people of Greater Upper Nile – regardless of their tribes – can take responsibility for our lives in Greater Upper Nile, govern ourselves, and honor our national destiny.

So, if you are siding with the current regime in Juba, you want to as yourself, are you fighting for your positions or for the Lands and its people?




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