Breaking News: Salva Kirr will not accept peace deal that includes Dr. Riëk Machar

South Sudan President Salva Kiir (left) and former South Sudan Vice President Reik Machar (right).

May 18, 2018, declines to accept Dr. Riek Machar and ordered his team by saying, “I told them you go, go to Addis Ababa and talk to those who are in the opposition and tell them clearly we are ready to expand the government so that they are accommodated if this is what they want,” said president Kiir on Thursday.

“Yes, the cause of this situation is because they were reshuffled,” he further stressed.

Kiir cited his former army chief of staff, Paul Malong Awan as an example of those who rebelled because of removal from their positions in the government.

“Somebody like Paul Malong, do you think he would have rebelled if he was not removed. This thinking of people rebelling when they are reshuffled will not take us anywhere and this country will remain like this. There will never be progress and people are right to question the cause of war, what we fought for,” said Kiir.

He said he will not accept any proposal that seeking the creation of the two armies, dissolution of the security sector and the return of his main political rival in an official capacity.

“I told them go, you have my permission to go and negotiate but don’t even consider asking me about the two armies, the dissolution of the security sector and the coming of Riek (Machar) in an official capacity, as the vice-president. if he wants to come as a private citizen, he is welcome.”

“He is a South Sudanese. Nobody has the issue with that but in the government, Taban is already here. where we will take him,” he wondered.


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