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Platform for the Future. Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile

May 21, 2018,  Greater Upper Nile, (Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile) is drifting toward the rocks. people of Greater Upper Nile are suffering under the current Union of South Sudan. As a result, people of Greater Upper are making tough choices. A new platform is already has been drafted to build any support for a functioning future framework. The movement should be built upon three core principles, which the political system continually fails to act on currently in South Sudan. We must demand these principles not as tribal nor political aimed goals alone, but as moral mandates:
1. We must declared Greater Upper Nile as an independent country with its own government. a Government which be lead by the people for the people and will not be a paralyzed government by an accumulation of obsolete programs and mindless bureaucracy. We have learned our lesson already because the bureaucratic is what destroyed the current South Sudan lead by SPLM-SPLA which smothering the South Sudanese spirit. The current failed system is Initiative and spontaneity illegally action — bogging down the entire country. The solution for the current situation in South Sudan will not be to get rid of the current government but is to breaking up the current country into three regions, Greater Upper Nile is one of them.
2. Now, the Federal Republic of Upper Nile must not mortgage the future of Greater Upper Nile on this unrealistic unity of South Sudan. The undisciplined accretion of SPLM-SPLA and entitlements is immoral, making our children labor for their benefits should be a learned lesson for the future of Federal Democratic republic of Upper Nile. The solution is not to terminate the current government but to overhaul separation of the three regions to eliminate their many inefficiencies and inequities, and to make sure the Federal democratic Republic of Upper Nile is responsible for its people.
3. Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile must be a responsible steward of the Greater Upper Nile’s resources. Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile will have no moral authority to uses the resources for the gained of a few rather for the development of Greater Upper Nile and the security of Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile. unless it is disciplined in its use and oversight of finite natural resources. This requires the Greater Upper Nile to separate from the current Unity of South Sudan. This new incentives platform will be the guidance that protect the needed levels of sustainability in Greater Upper Nile.
To accomplish these goals, people of greater Upper Nile needs to declared their own independent from the current failed States of South Sudan. There’s no avoiding it. The Jieng Council of Elders along with the so called SPLM-SPLA is set in legal concrete to destroyed loot and enrichment of the elites. Fulfilling moral mandates of responsible government requires a new chapter which is the independency of Greater Upper Region— replacing this massive junk pile of well-meaning Dinka Council of Elders’s government in Juba with a well practical structures government that meet the needs of Greater Upper Nile society, not Dinka Council government’s.
Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile’s political culture will not be based on Tribal structures as that of the current failed SPLM of Dinka led political party. Rather, it will be based on moral, by law and society’s norms that are rooted to the culture of the people of Greater Upper Nile. It has become cleared that the current Dinka system in Juba is lead by as special interests succeed in preventing any sustainable future for the people of South Sudan, which should be treated as a learned lesson. Breaking free of this broken political culture requires a new vision, fueled by moral imperative, of where Greater Upper Nile’s people needs to go.

What’s the right thing to do? That’s the question that should guide our choices, and define Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile’s future.
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By Gatluke Chuol Reat




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