The model of former Yugoslavia is the only hope for South Sudan

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June 11, 2018

Dear Mr. Secretary General (United Nation)

Re: The model of former Yugoslavia is the only hope for South Sudan

In the last ten (10) years there has been a marvellous life-saving by the UN, under UNMISS in South Sudan to prepare the country to be, (South Sudan) and the protection of the citizens of South Sudan after 2013. The hard work of United Nation and its partners internationally has been no doubt in creation of South Sudan and the life-saving of many lives after 2013 civil war breakout. However, the leader of South Sudan bring us all down and the only thing that he and his inner circle have achieved in the last five years are destructions of the lives of the South Sudanese people, displacement of millions of people and the increase in the number of homeless citizens sleeping in the street of Juba.

I am very concerned for the future of South Sudan. I know that the international community thinks that this war is just a leadership struggle between Salva Kirr and Riek Machar. But, as a South Sudanese who still have a family there and I have been there five times since the outbreak of December 15, 2013, I can tell you that international community gets it all wrong.

I know that no one listen to me now, but I certainly believe that the only solution for South Sudan will be to use the model of former Yugoslavia. The only hope for South Sudan will be to divide the country into three (3) countries, such as Greater Equatoria, Greater Bhar El Ghazal and Greater Upper Nile Regions. This is the only hope to save lives in South Sudan and the country itself.

So, one might asked, “what are the reasons for South Sudan to be divided into smallest countries as the only solution? To me, In short, no one knows the real reason because as the saying goes “the first causality of war is the truth”. People of Bhar El Ghazal and people of Greater Upper Nile will never see themselves as the citizen of the same country ever again.

I am asking your highest honour to consider an open dialogue to South Sudanese about this model of former Yugoslavia as the only hope for South Sudan. It might sound outrages but hopeful because in the last five years, we have witnessed it all, peace talks after peace talks. All are violated hours old or day’s olds. The level of hatred is too deep to be resolved and the international community made a big mistake for not seeing this earlier.

I am calling upon you to be a part of the solution as the UN has been a solid protection of peace and the livelihood of the people of South Sudan.

Thank you in advance for your highest considerations

Gatluke Chuol Reat,

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