Bul community Expression of disappointment for the incarceration of Gen. Buay Rolnyang

12,  June 2018

Expression of disappointment

Censure statement
he aftermath surrounding Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang is unapprehended incarceration which unfolded
on Thursday the 31st of May 2018 in Mankien Payam,Mayom County, Northern Lich State in the
republic of South Sudan, caught the local population off guard. The news was totally uncalled for, it
disconsolate the entire Bul Community World-wide given that those who played such shameful role come from
the same clan.
Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang has graciously earned the trust of the World’s youngest Nation for his excellent
service in the National army, portraying him as one of the most respected high ranking military generals and his
record speaks for itself.
We the Bul Community in diaspora in particular the Bul Community Association in Australia in unison voice
grimly condemn the vicious & cowardly act carried out against Gen. Rolnyang and his soldiers, allegedly
tortured and shackled on both limbs like a thug.
It’s a humiliation of its kind in the history of Bul Chol Geäh dated back to liberation era to this very day.
If indeed the collusion which lead to his arrest and air-lifted to Juba was fabricated by sons & daughters of
Mayom then such betrayal never occurred and natured before in our midst since our existence and we
enormously rebuke that conspiracy. The case of Machuol Kulang who was captured during the rebellion of
General Puljang and handed over to Taban Deng Gai in 2010, and later vanished without a trace cannot repeat
This current circumstance has kept every concern citizen thinking since the event, there is NO smoke without
fire and suspicious are high until investigations outcome are revealed.
This is a wakeup call if we intend to remain united as (Gaat Chol Geäh) Bul.
It’s an embarrassing practice to trade in your brother, earthly things aren’t buried with beneficiaries.
Bul Community Association in Australia
■Council of Elders
■Youth and women
© Bul Community in Australia 2018

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