Positions, Positions and Positions???South Sudan is in a major confusion

July 12, 2018, Delegates of South Sudan’s civil society groups at the ongoing peace talks in Khartoum have proposed a lean government consisting of a president and Prime Minister.

In their comments on the post-Entebbe peace proposal on Thursday, representatives of the South Sudan Civil Society Forum also called for a lean and effective cabinet size of 18 ministries during the transitional period.

The group also proposes a small parliament of not more than 200 members, arguing that the collapsing economy of South Sudan cannot fund the largest parliament in the region.

The civil society activists recommended the adoption of the defunct 10 states or the old 21 districts of Southern Sudan because they are well defined administrative territories.

The group also recommended that whoever serves in the interim period should forfeit their rights to stand in elections following the end of the transitional period.

The activists also propose that anyone indicted for crimes relating to the conflict should immediately forfeit their position in government.

Source: Radio Tumazuj


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