A call for confederation of Greater Upper Nile

Upper nile logoJuly 13, 2018,

Dear Citizen of Greater Upper Nile

For even the very wise cannot see all ends, not realizing even when I said my word to you my brothers and sisters. Hear me, my brothers and sisters. The glass candles are burning. Our homeland is banishing. Joins hands together, I want to assured you that a private citizen who comes before the world with matter relating to himself, is bound to show a better reason for the measure than the voluntary impulses of self love. In my own case, it might, perhaps, appears sufficient excuse for the step now taken about Greater Upper Nile, that I am acting chiefly on the defensive; that the issue of Federation of Greater Upper Nile have greatly exceeded the elites in Juba and their legitimate functions of self-destruction.

They are falsely asserting animadverting to the general public on my motives to bring the lasting peace as a private matters and that is full of private affairs; and that assertions, opinions, and acts, have been openly attributed to me, that I have never uttered, entertained, or done a good things for our Lands Greater Upper Nile. Look closely to this picture my brothers and sisters. I did try in 2010 to bring peace to Jonglei by joining a peace conference there in September 2010 before South Sudan Independent

However, I can assured you that if any criticism arrives and when an individual is thus dragged into notice, you have to remembered that the right of self-vindication would seem to depend on a principle of natural justice which we have lost in Greater Upper Nile Today. Yet, if I know the springs of my own conduct, I am less influenced by any personal considerations in what I am now doing. In 2010, I joined peace process in Jonglei between five counties, Nyirol, Ayod, Duke, Bor and Uror of Jonglei respectively. Then, by a wish to check a practice that has already examined among us, the people of Greater Upper; which appears to me to be on the increase; and which, while it is degrading to the character, if persisted in, is become dangerous to the entire Greater Upper Nile at large.

Now, we know that the practice of foreign nations, by way of helping to make up its own estimate of the degree of merit that belongs to its people of Greater Upper Nile is only helping the destruction ranges further. I believe, a custom peculiar to Greater Upper Nile people is the only saviors to the people of Greater Upper Nile. This mean that our Region, and local habits, should have given rise to such a usage of the lands to protect it not to destroy it.

Our region is sufficiently rich in natural recourse to that which can be obtained not only gratuitously, but by an extraordinary convention, without loss of reputation, and without even the necessity of a need to be mystery; but the readiness with which the practice can be accounted for, I think, it can prove its justification, if it can be shown that it should be lead by inhabitants of those sentiment of self-respect, and of that manliness and independence of thought, that are necessary to render a people of greater Upper Nile. Questions have now arisen between a portion of the how to do it and myself, which give me more ability to speak in the matter than might belong to one whose name had not been so freely used, and it is my intention, while I endeavor to do myself for the hope for the people of Greater Upper Nile and for the justice, to make an effort to end this unrest situation in Greater Upper Nile. This manmade situation to which there is allusion; and which, should it continue to prevail, must render every person of greater Upper Nile more or less subject to the views of those who are hostile to the prosperity of Upper Nile, the character, and the power of Upper Nile native lands from Bentiu to Jonglei from Malakal to Maiwut and between.

I am fully aware that every man must prepare himself to meet the narrowest constructions on his motives, when he assumes his creativity like this I have here undertaken; but I shall not complain, provided the opinion of the public receive a healthful impulse; while, at the same time, I shall not neglect the proper means to support my argument, by showing, as far as circumstances will permit, that I come to the dialogue with the people of greater Upper Nile. It is my intention to answer the statements separately; distinctly marking the points at issue between why I prefer Upper Nile over South Sudan, as is due to all the Greater Upper Nile concerned.

I shall now proceed to execute the purpose of this appeal, as briefly as the circumstances will allow; again please the reader, I want you to remember that every statement which relates especially to Greater Upper Nile, is either in a respond to the current situation in Greater Upper Nile including the suffering of our people or has a direct reference to the current practice Juba by SPLM/A which it is so desirable to destroy South Sudan as long as the elites are getting their share of blood money and resources of people of South Sudan.

First, then, I will show, that I come to this conclusion that it is time for Greater Upper Nile to come out from this situation in order to be able to recue it offspring. At no period of your life have you had any connection with any thoughts that our people would end up like this, or critique of any sort, that has appeared for or against our people. With a single minded elite in Juba, we have now since the horror, and a very immaterial rationality, I do not know to this time, who have any authority to tell us not to rescue our people of Greater Upper Nile. I affirm, that every report or asseveration that any Human Rights, News organizations or any kind has been written in the last ten years for the goodness of Greater Upper Nile, or anywhere else, by my connivance, or even with my knowledge, to produce an impression on the public mind about our Greater Upper Nile has ever written. I think this will remind you with the fact, that, when South Sudan declared its independent in 2011 to obtained independency, no one has objected to it that this objective will prevailed.

I have been repeatedly and coarsely write about the need to change the SPLM/A for a very long time and many exaggerated accounts of my writings before the public views that it is not easy to criticize when you are actually doing nothing. That I have taken the just critics of SPLM/A, like other men, but it is not true; nor do I see that those who singing Oyee, Oyee will bring any true peace.

How much longer my brothers and sisters of Greater Upper Nile means to tolerate this slavish dependency on foreign donations, without which is only producing mould not dream of extracting ourselves from the death bed on ourselves from hostile war? All the familiar thoughts and illustrations of foreign donations are dangerous opposition to our own suffering, and yet we are unwilling to say No to them. Foreign Donations are always com with the promulgation of those that are in harmony with foreign ideologies, and which I think are abstractly true. The Foreign in particular see and profit by this weakness. It is manifestly their interest to do our thinking if possible, that they may do other things for us that are more lucrative; and that they are not scrupulous about the means employed to effect this object. They systematically attack and undervalue every man they believe independent of their influence, and extol those to the skies who will do their work. When all is done, they deride us for our foolishness, despise their instruments heartily, and respect those most who most respect themselves.

So, my brothers and sisters of Upper Nile, time is now and therefore Federation of Upper Nile is a must. Join our cause to free our Home lands from mentally ills of international of pitching brother and brother in order for them to get the resources of our home land.

My brothers and sisters of Upper Nile,

Remember this, every single human being should be the fulfilment of the future, for every human being should be the realization of some ideal, either in the mind of God or in the mind of man. Upper must be free.

Thank you
Gatluke Chuol Reat
Hold a B.A in Philosophy, University of Western Ontario, Canada


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