FDP/SSAF’s Spokesperson: It is either just peace or none

July 13, 2018

By  Deng Vanang

The ongoing peace process to end conflict in our beloved country, of course for some of us, reflects the same aged old adage: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Competing regional interests in the peace process, as currently witnessed, are the culprit to blame.

These vested interests aren’t just doing more harm than good, but the very impediment preventing the much needed tranquility to return in the war-torn country.

Of particular concern, is the rationale behind entrusting peace process in people who, in one way or another, openly instigated as well as continuously partake in the war they are pretending to cease peacefully.

Failure to militarily end it, they have now resorted to disguising themselves as well-meaning messengers of peace to achieve similar self-interested result.

That is not new. It is usual failure repeating itself by any given country to fruitfully broker conflict afflicting its own neighbor.

For the same country may not be far from what caused conflict in the first place.

Which is a fallacy entrusting it with ending the conflict to which it partly contributed.

It is gross violation of peace-making principle demanding mediator’s impartiality and neutrality, should peace process be successful and sustainable.

The region and some quarters of global community adamantly refused to consider this glaring common sense.

For simple reason to influence the affairs of our resourceful and geo-politically strategic country which brings together Eastern, Central and Northern African regions.

Something making us vulnerable to too many predators stalking our hopes and aspirations.

With some having chosen friends in our midst they truly believe can give them all that they need if the country remains under them.

Though knowledgeable of such sad reality, we the opposition have given them some benefit of doubt to try their hands in mediation.

That is besides making some of the most painful compromises for peace to prevail by signing recent security arrangements agreement in Khartoum.

Which in effect made us not only give up our secrets to these suspects courtesy of cantoning, organizing, training and equipping our forces, but also surrender back their control to the very Commander-In-Chief who has been massacring our innocent civilians, while there is no any proof of repentance not to repeat the same in the silence of his heart and mind as evidenced today when he illegally extends his own term for the next three years {from 2018 – 2021}.

Despite the compromises made by us we the opposition, these suspects don’t reciprocate the goodwill gesture and subsequently expose us to temptation of thinking twice on their lopsided mediation.

Which is to shop further afield for impartial mediators with lesser economic and strategic interests in our own internal affairs, except in seeing peace prevail for common good of general humankind.

Otherwise, futile attempts to follow the same trajectory of conflict resolution shall only result in never ending vicious cycle of war reminiscent of DR Congo ever since 1961 until now.

With weak peace deals being deliberately brokered in order to be immediately broken to the benefits of ill-intended peace mediators and stooges of satellite regime.

Deng Vanang

Secretary for Information, Public Relations and Spokesperson for Federal Democratic Party/South Sudan Armed Forces, FDP/SSAF. Cordially reachable at: dvanang@gmail.com




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