Dr. Riek Machar has failed the Nuer people, he must not be allow to take Nuer to be kill by Dinka again in Juba

Aug. 7, 2018

Press Release

Dear Jikany Nuer, the Lou Nuer, the Gawar Nuer and the Bentiu Nuer:

As your son who is being disheartenined by the WEAKNESS of Dr. Riek Machar, I Gatluke Chuol Reat of the Lou Nuer Community, calling up on you to never allow Dr. Riek Machar to takes your children to Juba ever again.

The purpose of the calls is to spare the death of our children who are dying under Dr. Riek Machar with no clear goal for the future of the Nuer Community. Also to allow Nuer community to come and assesse what to with the suffering of the Nuer people across East Africa and South Sudan in Particular.

Currently, Dr. Riek machar is in Khartoum to negation and bad peace as he did in August 2015 which at the time he end up sending our children to Juba. As a results, hundred of our young men were killed and some end up in Congo along with him.

The Nuer nations of four Nuer sections are bound by strong ties of bravery and love of Democratic society and the conviction that every STRONG society has and have the right to be free and sovereign. The people of the Nuer for many centuries showed that the love of Unity, Strong and democratic society is stronger than the will of a BAD peace led by WEAK intentions.

The Nuer Community have seen as the one of the most dramatic WEAKEST in modern history. The other community such as DINKA established stabile and effective TRIBAL IDEOLOGIEST, BY USING THE FLAG AND THE NAME OF THE COUNTRY (SOUTH SUDAN) and its militaries, the resources to take advantage to this WEAKNESS of the Nuer leaders to destroy Nuer community.

The Nuer community are facing challenges, but none greater than Dinka’s aggressive, threating and provocative activities against the Nuer Community that should not be left in the hands of Dr. Riek Machar any longer. By joining me in this calls to stop your children being send to war that is not prepare again by Dr. Riek Machar, you are saving the lives of our future leaders.

Solution? Do not send your children to war under Dr. Riek Machar again, we are calling for the Separation of South Sudan into three regions and we are forming a real army who will protect the Entire Greater Upper Nile including the Nuer Community.

Gatluke Chuol Reat

Upper Nile Army

Worker Party of Upper Nile

Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile


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