SPLM-IO rejected Salva Kirr ‘s so called Amnesty

South Sudan President Salva Kiir (left) and former South Sudan Vice President Reik Machar (right).

Press Release

The SPLA IO is dismayed by the statement of Salva Kiir trending media yesterday the 8/8/2018, that he gave Amnesty to Dr. Machar. This is not only gimmick but an insult in the face of the signed CoH and permanent ceasefire which Salva’s militias have been violating since December/2017. Instead of talking about the so-called Amnesty, Salva should control his militias who don’t know what CoH or ceasefire means.

Salva Kiir is the one who declared war against the people of South Sudan not Dr. Machar. Salva feels so inferior politically against Dr. Machar that’s why he believes in military solutions. He started it in 2013 when he massacred thousands of Innocent Nuer civilians in Juba, then he staged a coup against the ARCSS when he attempted to assassinate Dr. Machar in J1 in 2016, followed by him giving $5,000,000 to Gen. Malong to kill Dr. Machar on his way to DRC.

The truth is, a leader who committed crimes against humanity is not qualified to give Amnesty to anybody. Salva should instead seek for forgiveness from Dr. Machar in particular and South Sudanese in general. The SPLA IO and Dr. Machar are for peace and it is this peace that will take us to Juba not Amnesty.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel
SPLA IO Deputy Military Spokesperson


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