Breaking News: Salva Kirr secretly orders his Troop to be alert

August 10, 2018, South Sudan President Salva Kiir on Thursday visited Bilpham, the headquarters of the SPLA army in northern parts of Juba.

President Kiir, who also doubles as the commander in chief of the army, went to talk to his troops, days after signing a peace agreement with opposition groups including his archrival Riek Machar.

State-owned media showed him in military uniform.

According to a statement by South Sudan presidential press unit, Kiir briefed the army on the peace agreement signed with the opposition in Khartoum over the weekend.

It further said President Kiir urged his forces to respect all opposition fighters who will join them as part of the signed peace deal, while reminding the forces of their constitutional mandate to protect the civil population.

The South Sudanese leader, the statement said, directed the army to embark on agriculture and construction of roads and bridges across the country.

The statement further said Kiir reiterated his commitment to implement the peace agreement the signed with the opposition in Khartoum.

As part of the peace deal, the transitional period of 36 months will start on completion of redeployment of necessary unified forces or on the expiry of eight months of the pre-transitional period.

Training of the unified forces, according to the security arrangements deal, will start at the beginning of the pre-transitional period according to the requirement of each force or service. It also says all forces will be trained together to ensure coherence and harmony.


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