Breaking News: Secrecies, double live, A secret calls between Taban and Angelina was intercepted about Taban’s loyalists

taban-and-angelinaAugust 11, 2018, A source within the office of Taban Deng Gaai contacted the Africans Press by emails, saying that “there was a secret Calls between Taban Deng Gai and Angelina Teny” he said. This source who want to remain annymous for his safety says that he overheard Taban Deng saying that he is worrying about his loyalists should Dr. Riek returns to Juba.

Howver, according to the source who is also a part of Taban team says that “I also overheard Taban inquiring Nyajany if it is true that his loyalists will be forgiven by Dr. Riek Machar” he said. The according him, it seems that Nyajany made a promise that Taban Deng Gai and his supporters will be forgiven by Dr. Riek once he arrives in Juba.


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