Breaking News: A Nuer woman killed by South Sudan national security in Juba

951ADF62-1EA5-49D0-A102-011973585CFASeptember 14, 2018, A Nuer young woman who her identity is not known yet was found dead on the 13th of September 2018  in Juba.

Family Members are now searching for answer for her mysterious death, she was last seen being taken away by a group of SPLA Soldiers at noon on the 13th of September but she never returned home, the incident was reported to the authorities but they received no response from the police department.

Investigations are now ongoing but the family is complaining that the police force are not doing as much as they can to provide them and the public with answers for the mysterious disappearance of the young lady.

The family are urging anyone with any information regarding this matter to contact 0912263777.


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