Luo Community are the Next target by JCE

5b6caef860611September 15, 2018, Message to every Luo Forum member! Please caution with an ongoing peace in South Sudan. If you live inside South Sudan with children and wife or have relatives there. Try to get them to neighboring countries refugees’ camps until you know the situation is convenient for anybody to live in.

It is imperative also that, Luo youth inside South Sudan put aside their differences and face the common enemies that intend to eradicate and erase the Luo’s history.

Dinkas are now done with the Nuers and next groups to deal with will be so call “ Dour”.

The Luo in Bhar el Ghazel will be the last to be eradicate.

It is up to Luo in Bhar el Ghazel to Unit and wait for that time or seek alliances and address the situation now than later.

The message to those who used others or blood of others to get into power or get a ranks from tribal system.

Remember, you will fall miserably like the ways you betray others. It is not something new in the Luo society. We witnessed those who used others to get into power does n’t last long into such power.

Happy weekend to all of you. Stay strong and be safe wherever you guys may be.


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