32 States: Greater Upper Nile is Not for Sell, Dr. Riek Machar sell us out, Condemnation of Fake Addis Ababa’s Peace

GlSeptember 16, 2018

Press Release

Sub: Greater Upper Nile is Not for Sell, Condemnation of Fake Addis Ababa’s Peace

The life cycle of signing a FAKE PEACE is fairly simple, but once a Peace process that seems to cause problems is deciding on as to who will get what and to whom have what in the process is a dead Peace. It is a time for a disposal of it. When looking at a genuine peace and not disposal peace, root cause should been discuss. The mediators in charge of this Fake Peace should have the experience, knowledge, and authority to understanding that doing the same thing over and over again should have been scrapped and removed from any genuine peace concerning South Sudan.

The reasons for condemning this Fake Peace is that:

Power-Sharing between Salva Kirr and Dr. Riek Machar will never address this current conflict in South Sudan. The mediators should knows that the communal co-existence in South Sudan is beyond repair and repairing it is considered required genuine consideration of Separation.
Any serious mediator should focus on three Regions as we recommended here.
SPLM (s) and SSOA’s Peace signed in Addis Ababa without addressing the issue of 32 States?
Nuer were killed in 2013, and still at the UNMISS Camps up to now, Why?
What happened to the Nuer case?
We also believe that Greater Upper Nile is not for sell and that the ongoing-power-sharing negotiation and just signed Fake Peace Process between SPLM IO, Rogue regime in Juba and SSOA should be ignored

We must make it very clear to all people of South Sudan, the International Community, the IGAD and the African Union that we, at the Workers’ Party of Upper Nile are not part of Addis Ababa’s illegal deal that will give our lands away. The Workers’ Party of Upper Nile and Upper Nile Army, on behalf of Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile is NOT part of Addis Ababa Peace Agreement. Greater Upper Nile is Not for Sell, the ongoing Power-sharing negotiation between SPLM-IO and Rogue Juba regime and SSOA’s Agreement should ignored by any conscious being, it is not for us, it is not for the people of Greater Upper Nile and we have reject it altogether. Over the past several years, the SPLM-IO led by Dr. Riek Machar has been begging Salva Kirr led Juba and Jieng Council of Elders regime for peace, while Juba Rogue Regime were busy signing arms deals around the world.

Just two days ago, the SPLM-IO, Juba Rogue Regime and SSOA have announced that they will be going to Addis Ababa on September 11, 2018 to sign their Power-Sharing leaving vulnerable people of Greater Upper Nile suffering. They have forget that they killed the Nuer people, they destroyed almost the entire Equatoria regions and they successfully destroyed the entire Greater Upper Nile and displaced the civil populations both from Greater Upper Nile and Greater Equatoria regions and now they are getting their lands to one ethnic group (Dinka). This should not happened and we, the people of Greater Upper Nile will never allow it to happen, PERIOD.

Salva Kirr and Jieng Council of Elders are now in a process of signing their Power sharing peace deal that has nothing to do with the killing of the Nuer and to establish the DINKA kingdom on a territory of the Nuer, Shilluk, and many tribes in Greater Equatoria with their illegal 32 States. Sadly, the duty of the SPLM-IO should have been to fight for the freedom for all and not a fight for their POSITIONS. But TODAY, THE SPLM-IO, SSOA have proven to all that THEIR POSITIONS are more important than the suffering of the people of Greater Upper Nile.

For that reason, we are calling to our forces to STANDSBY. We are calling upon all Greater Upper Nile sons and Daughters in the Army to STAND UP and STANDBY. Our lands is not for SELL, we must PREVENT Salva Kirr and Jieng Council of Elders to TAKE-OVER our lands by all meant necessary.

Gatluke Chuol Reat
Workers’ Party of Upper Nile
Federal Democratic Republic of Upper Nile
Contact: greateruppernile1@gmail.com


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