Defection hit SPLM-IO Brig. Peter Nhìäl Ruadhel joined Gen. Peter Gatdet

img_0024Press Statement:

Date /15/10/2018
Subject: Resignation and Defection from SPLM/ SPLA- IO to SSUM/SSUAF under the Leadership of 1st Lt. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak Majiek the Chairman of SSUM/SSUAF.
The most powerful officers whom defected from IO are following:
(1). Brig. Gen. P.S.C Tito Nhial Ruadhel, Directorate of Training
(2). Col. Kerbino Gai Thak of Chairman C-IN-C of Riek Machar front Battalion, (Tiger).
(3). Col. Peter Thai Kim Bangoang of National Security & Intelligence Service (NSIS)
(4). Major Nhial Wathjany Chan of Military Intelligence (MI) with other four (4) Colonels’ plus 32 Junior officers are defected with them, do here by declaring our resignation from IO and defection to H.E Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak Majiek Chairman and of South Sudan United Movement/ Army Forces (SSUM/SSUAF) leadership.
For our grievances, we the officers above mentioned are being forcefully resort to resigned and defected by the leadership of the SPLM/A-IO as follows:
1, The Leadership of the Sudan People’s LiberationArmy in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) is encouraging nepotism, clanism and favourism.
2- The SPLM/A-IO leadership was so corrupted and does not respect the Chain of Command within the system, the leadership is rewarding only non- performersthan effective performers within the system.
3- SPLM/A-IO leadership does not intervene between N-4 (mean four Nuer groups) and N-B community, Whenever N-4 gangs fight against Nuer Bul community supporting SPLM-IO, in the refuges and POCs camps which occurred several times without condemnation from the leadership.
4- In the last promotions within the SPLM/A-IO most officers were left intentionally not being promoted.
5- Within the SPLM/A-IO, there has been experience of internal insecurity, discriminations, humiliation, and political threat based on ethnicity.
6- The SPLM/A-IO as a movement is taken as a family property by the leadership.
We would like to inform all the people of South Sudan that the leadership of the SPLM/A-IO has not going nowhere to proceed, rather than losing its objectives and directions which were set up in Nasir Consultative conference of April 2014, Pagak one & two conference which was well spelt for reform and change.

By Brig. Gen. P. S. C Tito Nhial Ruadhel and Col. Peter Thai Kim National Security and Intelligence Service.


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