Gen. Peter Gadet promoted Gen. Tito Nhial Raudhel to Maj. Gen. a week after he joined him

Gen. Peter Gatdet promotes 1 Major, General, 2 Brigadiers Generals and 5 Colonels. According to SSUAF’s spokesman Brig. Gen. Wichjang Duop, he announces the promotion by saying “It is with a great honour and pride that am sending you this congratulatory message to congratulate you on your well-deserved promotions to the distinct ranks in the military hierarchy of the South Sudan United Armed Force (SSUAF)” he said

He also says that “am earnestly sure that you will once again prove to be an asset to us and will work dedicate and whole heartedly, owing to the fact that you richly deserve these promotions and I must felicitate you for such a big success and accomplishment.”

“Therefore, I would like to utilize this golden opportunity to convey my gratitude to you the SSUAF militarily oriented Generals.”

Brig. General Wichjang Duop


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