Response to NAS and SSOA accusation against the SPLA IO

Press Release.


Response to NAS and SSOA accusation against the SPLA IO.

This morning the 21/10/2018, NAS-TC released a press accusing the SPLA IO forces in Yei River State of planning an attack on their alleged positions in Kajo-Keji, Lainya and Loka. This is absolutely baseless and unfounded accusation made as a cover-up for their next systematic aggression against civilians in Yei River State. NAS-TC was totally crushed and dismantled when they attacked our positions in Kajo-Keji County in October last year. Most of their conscripts and commanders lost their lives while the survivors had to run to Uganda for refuge. Currently, the remaining soldiers who are still tribally loyal to NAS-TC are centred in Mukaya, an area they use to launch ethnically targetted brutality on civilians in a cowardice aggression at Minyori where they killed about 17 civilians, wounded some and displaced many.

It should be noted that NAS-TC is against the R-ARCSS that’s why they are always negative to a peaceful environment and want to instigate violence to disrupt the implementation of the R-ARCSS. NAS also has the illusion that it is the only legitimate movement for Equatorians. On seeing that the Equatorians in the SPLM)A IO didn’t switch side to them, NAS is expressing its frustration by targeting civilians who are from the communities where SPLM//A IO either has stronghold or soldiers/commanders who hail from.

SPLA IO is warning Thomas’ forces to maintain their location and have respect for the suffering civilians and avoid negative propaganda against the SPLA IO and its leadership.

Secondly, SSOA also wrote a press this morning the 21/10/2018, accusing the SPLA IO of attacking their forces in Kotkea on 20/10/2018. SSOA never had forces in Sobat area that we know of. The SPLA IO is only aware of the regime’s forces in Weiyardiw in Nasir. SSOA should stop negative propaganda against a peace partner and its leadership.

The SPLA IO calls upon the CTSAMM and UNMISS to immediately investigate these propaganda and bring those responsible to books.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel

SPLA IO Deputy Military Spokesperson


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