Open Letter To Dr Riek Machar Chairman and SPLM/A-IO


By Domach T.Duoth

Open Letter To Dr Riek Machar Chairman and SPLM/A-IO

Title: Never has been a good war,nor bad peace.

first of all,i beg your indulgent to allow me express my deepest thankfulness and appreciation,to you and all your comrades in the liberation struggle.for working collaboratively, with all your tireless effort in trying to bringing peace to our suffering people of Sudanese South.

Secondly i must commend the dogged tenacity you have displayed together with your comrades on the mediating-table,during this recent I GAD-brokered peace deal Signed in Sudanese Capital Khartoum ,for having secure and pursuing your reformist ambition to reality.

I pray God to grand you more wisdom,in tackling all the pending issues,which are seemingly tending to undermining the smooth implementation of the ongoing peace process in our beloved nation,in orders to make South Sudan great again as it was before.

Thirdly Mr Chairman, as the citizen under your pure democratic movement,
i beg you to allow me narrate few point as of why some SPLM-IO supporters are demoralized in any scent of peace you have signed and the war you have foughted for last 5 to 6 years of this ongoing conflict.

1 =The killing and genocide of Nuer in Juba and elsewhere in the country was long-term planing by your former Boss President Salva Kiir,whom you have save under him for eight good years.he president [Kiir] and his community agency namely Jiang Council of Elder (JCE),while in your watch.Kiir form his own private militias namely Gelweng(MathiangAnyor),trained and army them in order to fulfill the action plan.that result into mass killing and doors to doors searches target of one ethnic [Nuer] in accomplishing thier long-term plan.

2 = Though everyone wouldn’t much blame you,as of why you didn’t revoke the Evil plan being championed by President Kiir in 2013,due to limited authority and functions given to position of Vice President in the 2011 transitional constitution of Republic of South Sudan,article 105,together with article 104 the worst article.which gives president more powers in term of decision making  in running the nation affair.
but despise all the above mentioned,still some individual would turn their blame on you,because you are the trust and hope of everyone in the government and due to that everybody expect you to redouble your effort by alerting the world and the nation about secret plan belongs to the country president for forming and training his own private militias which comprise with his only tribemen,beside the national army.

3 = Formation of SPLM/A-IO if am not mistaken,SPLM-IO was formed as the result of frustration from ill- treatment of President Kiir’s regime ,after when he declare state of emergency dust to down curfew,as an evidence of his fake coup he has plotted against the country,which claims many lives of unarmed civilians.
while in your capacity as the state-man,your decision of forming the rebellion against Kiir led regime,in order to protect civilians and upholding the country from fails leadership.

Mr Chairman your decision had admires and sedately everyone and encourage every man and woman to picks up army in protest of South Sudan President’s action plan. which occur on date 15-17-18/December 2013,including myself Domach T.Duoth,i decide to quit my job as the Humanitarian Aids worker in Maban County/Upper Nile State and join the movement under your leadership,

but Mr Chairman,during the last 5 to 6 years of this conflict,as the matter of fact,you have been so reluctance,that you never balance your position in both peace and war.
instead you have prioritizes peace and show lack of seriousness in combating the enemy via military means,while your partner in peace have prioritize the military action rather than peace,that is why many areas in the peace deal you have both the conflicting parties signed,had been violated by your partner in peace including 2015 Addis Ababa agreement which persished inside J1 in 2016

“as they say peace and war are main engine’s gear which can driven in any change”

therefore there is big need to balance both peace and war,not ignoring any one of the two as long as you’re willing to continue fighting about change in the country.

Mr Chairman there’s no doubt about your unwillingness to provide military hardware,which is widely believe as the main cause of some crack in the movement that led to defection of  some your generals in the matter of fact your Excellency “no man can be patriotic on empty hand and empty stomach”

4 = Finally but not least,your Excellency we all know that you are the peace lover leader in this world youngest nation,
for your much desire of installed back the peace to the needy people,has shown when you have unconditional signs the revitalization peace agreement signed in Khartoum without much caring about all had just happened in J1  which chases you away from Juba to Congo and from Congo to political detentions for nearly one year and half in South Africa.

Mr Chairman as the eight months of Millitary pre-transitional arrangement begin,  I urge you and your entire leadership to utilizes this arrangement for best the benefits of peace and makes preparation of army for the possible protection of peace revitalization agreement implementation, make no mistake your partner in peace are in highest preparations for next stage of another J2 .

But no matter what had happened in the past as long as you chose to walk in paths of peace for nation’s benifts i therefore want you and your administrative to handle whatsoever happens again after implementation of this agreement inside Juba; I’m tires of hearing from BBC news and all the social media outlets that Dr Riek Machar has been Chase away from Juba by President Salva Kiir and he’s now in run for his dear life from Juba to Bor or from Juba to Congo and again call you to signs and re-negotiates another agreement.
See from comprise peace agreement (CPA) signed in Addis ababa in 2015 to 2018 Revitalization peace forum signed in Khartoum(RPF) which is yet to be implemented.

Finally Mr Chairman I thanks you for successful signing Khartoum agreement and i congratulate the entire SPLM_IO movement for the job well done; people of south Sudan deserve peace…”but there never been a good war,not bad peace”

by your sincerely!!!
~Domach T.Duoth☆

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