Salva Kirr is a Killer: Greater Upper Nile is not for a sell, we will defeat you

410c657a-b9ab-415b-b5a4-4812e7f378aeNov. 1, 2018, Why I am  calling for disintegration of South Sudan into three Countries

As many of you are saddened by the current Man-made War in South Sudan by elites in Juba, the subject about which I am going to address here today is why I am calling for the separation of South Sudan into three countries. Possibly, it would be no doubt in my mind that you are also concern about what is taking place in our homeland. First of all, while you are reading this piece, I want you to think about the level of destruction that put our civic discourse into horror and that South Sudanese are used by the current regime and opposition elites who are forming SPLM-this, SPLM-that or even worth South Sudan-this and South Sudan-that in the expenses of our people’s lives.

We now know that there are some South Sudan United this or that with mean no more than a person who attempts to get a share of SPLM-This or South Sudan Fronts/United this and that. In that sense, I understand there those who do not think that forming this or that Fronts is not a proper sense of bringing the lasting peace in South Sudan, but only because it would entail that all the SPLM-this or South Sudan United/Fronts wants their share from corrupted minded who does not care for the suffering of our people. I do not signify by SPLM-This or South Sudan United Fronts that or United here and there on any person who tries to bring peace to South Sudan. Most of you out there would have been already agree with me here that all these Fronts, SPLM-this and that and United South Sudan here and there bear no interest to the people of South Sudan but themselves.

What would disintegration mean to South Sudan?

I am sure you were following this endless peace process in Addis Ababa which in my opinion only have two objectives, first is an interest from the imperialism of the West and two the useless minded Dictatorship of brotherhood of IGAD. I suppose, we have to be more indistinguishable if insisted that we do not see these two objectives play before our own very eyes. Though, that there are many of you who would rather sleep with this uncertainty, the doctrine of wait and see what will happen, I think doing something now is more helpful to the entire South Sudanese people than wait and see chest game.
The first one is, imperialism of the West, this ideology was born out of the colonization in which the imperialists are more interested in the control mode and how to keep the entire region busy with war; so that they can control them through unfounded peace process, such as that of endless one in Addis Ababa. For instance, the imperialists divided themselves into two groups with the same ideology and objectives with the mean to gain at the end. These two groups are Troika and European Union. The Troika, for instance, are the core leading funding, blaming and suppliers of the War. They funds the peace process, they blame the stakeholders whom they funded for breaking their loss peace and even worth they are training the merciless murderous of the regime in Juba who stood for so much of the suffering of the South Sudanese people. Yet, they are calling themselves mediators of the peace process. What Peace? Mediator and War funding at the same time?

Then, you have European Union who is an underground army with heavy artilleries who shoot only when the sun is down. The European Union divided itself into small groups with the influence impose indirectly to the individual IGAD head of State. The European Union works make each IGAD head of State a vulnerable to its own security and his job as a head of State in which is much of the concerns for the head of IGAD of State. I think you must have to be at the lowest thinking of humanity if you do not see this. If you are going to believe that Troika and European Union does things differently than this, I would rather say you do not see yourself clearly in the mirror.

The Dictatorship brotherhood of IGAD

In order to understand this dictatorship brotherhood of IGAD, it is a dangerous brotherhood, and if I were to attempt to explain why it is dangerous game in any adequate comportment. I should have to prepare myself to explain the killing of Laurent Kabila of Congo 16 January 2001 Kabila was shot by his bodyguard, Rashidi Muzele, who was killed as he attempted to flee the scene at Kabila’s Palais de Marbre residence, the destruction of Somalia, Rwanda genocide, the ongoing unrest in Kenya and what we are seeing with our very naked eyes in South Sudan. I am sure you have seen or heard about these unproductive bilateral agreements between the IGAD head of States, supervised by Imperialists of the West to them ruled the interest of the West forever. But, I think my time would not allow me to go on to each case by trying to explain why IGAD is not a tangible organization who can actually produce anything related to the peace. I am sure you would agree with me here that IGAD was formed shortly after U.S losses the war in Somalia in 1993 and therefore, U.S created a Terrorists for the IGAD head of States to fight that war in order to keep them in power for life.

There is another thing that you really need to know about IGAD, IGAD is a pure immoral organization form out of lies, deceptive and merciless to the land of Africa. It was created out of anger, out of blood and out of colonization’ intentions. These are the core ideologies to which the IGAD was formed. Suppose the future of our home land depends on IGAD, imagine what would it been 2o years from now? The question is then, would you rather solve it now or leave it for your children? If you were to opt for leaving it for your children, then you children I suppose would thought of you with sad memories.
So, my fellow men and women of Upper Nile as you can in this writing, there are more dangerous ahead of our childr4en that need our work right now than ever before.


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