Breaking News: Gen. Peter Gatdet appointed as a Chairman of SSOA ALLIANCES

NOV. 30, 2018, In its extraordinary meetings today, the leadership of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) has appointed Gen Peter Gadet Yak of South Sudan United Movement (SSUM) as the Chairman of the SSOA for the next six months replacing Hon Gabriel Changson Chang.

On behalf of the National Democratic Movement (NDM) as well as the entire SSOA factions, I would like to congratulate Gen Gadet for assuming the leadership of SSOA in this critical juncture in our country.

Also, I would like to applaud and commend the extraordinary role played by the outgoing Chairman Hon Changson during peace talks until today. Hon Gabriel Changson has shown a credible leadership during his tenure.

We wish Gen Gadet a successful leadership for a united SSOA that stand for full implementation of the agreement.

We call upon the holdout groups to join people of South Sudan in the implementation of peace agreement. We are calling our people to open a new era of peace, reconciliation, harmony and coexistence among themselves.

We are calling youth and women in South Sudan to join SSOA for better future for ALL.

Long live SSOA

Mut Turuk

NDM/SSOA spokesperson


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