Salva Kiir To Lobonok, threaning Equatoria for supporting “Brother” For NAS Training Camp

04D34333-05D5-4EC4-A1F0-EBD7194376C6December 4, 2018, In a statement to the media, the newly appointed SPLM Spokesperson,  Peter Lam Both said that the President will be in Lobonok to officiate the meeting.

During the meeting : President Salva Kiir Statement to the Bari Community In Lobonok

“You said you are for peace, but I can say that you are not for peace. Thomas Cirillo would have not established his training camp here for you to be trained in his camp if you were for peace,” Kiir said at a rally during an SPLM retreat organized in Lobonok county of Jubek State on Monday.“


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