Salva Kirr: Message to Ezekiel Lol and Taban Deng Gai, dissolved your house before joining SPLM

Kiir message to STD groups before going to SPLM convention at Lobonok, “Wani Igga’s home town where they excluded STD groups. “It is all here: My colleague Taban and his other comrades have been asking every when am I appointing them into the SPLM PB so that they are considered as full members.

I have not been answering them until the day before our departure to come to Lobonok here .Before I left , I told Ezekiel that, Ezekiel you did not do your home in your house before Gen Taban declared the dissolution of the IO, jena bita.We were expecting that you would come and sit alone in your PB to approve the dissolution of your party and declare your joining of the SPLM and you write to the Chairman of the SPLM, who is myself, that we are now coming to join you .

Then I will put it in front of my PB and then do the sequence of doing everything. But now you cannot tell me to just issue a decree appointing such a number from your members into the PB. you talk about it among yourselves and when I come back from Lobonok, you come and raise it in the next meeting” SPLM Chairman dressed in red Tshirt and cap addressing the delegates to the retreat calmly

“‘Source: SSBC”


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