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Breaking News: SPLA Spokesman Lul Ruai Koang killed Majok Lual

lulDecember 3, 2016, a credible source tells Africans Press that the recent death of Majok Lual. Lul Ruai Kong was pressured by his master Paul Malong Awan to order Majiok Lual to testify in Court as an eye witness and only survival too Lul Ruach Kong’s bodyguards who was killed by SPLA in the government that SPLM-IO was responsible for the death of Lul’s guards.

It was the case that before court Majiok was told by Lul Ruai and Paul Malong to tell court that the soldiers attacked them was Nuer of Riek Machar. However, Majiok Lual  refused to narrated such a propaganda over the death of his colleagues and brothers. He then says the truth before court and later was accused over different things by Lul Ruai which sentenced to spend 14 years in prison.  Majiok Lual was just kill in a cool blood.

Lul Ruach Kong rather service his master’s interest by killings Majiok lual

Rwanda’s largest airbus arrives in Kigali

December 2, 2016

Rwanda’s largest aircraft ‘Umurage’A330-300 series touched down at Kigali International Airport. The aircraft comes in as number 11 in the national carrier’s fleet that continues to grow.

The Minister for Infrastructure James Musoni said that the aircraft is expected to boost RwandAir’s capacity to expand its wings and compete globally.

John Mirenge, the airline’s Chief Executive Officer, said the 274-seater, wide-bodied aircraft is the first of its kind in East Africa, adding that the plane enhances the capacity of Africa’s fastest growing airline to expand its footprint across the globe.

The new airline is cost-effective, highly efficient, offering flexibility and optimized performance, making it a perfect choice for travellers. It also offers more personal space and modern long-haul comfort and is fitted with 18-inch wide seats in the economy class, and the latest in-flight entertainment, including video-on-demand, and mobile phone and email connectivity via satellite. The aircraft remains the preferred choice for over 100 airlines worldwide, the New Times reports

Breaking News: Salva Kirr requested South Africa to deport Dr. Riek Machar, the SPLIO leader

South African President, Jacob Zuma, meeting Salva Kiir of South Sudan in Pretoria, October 24, 2015 (GCIS)

December 2, 2016, local media are reporting in Johannesburg: South Sudan president Salva Kiir Mayardit has requested the South African government to deport the rebel leader Dr Riek Machar Teny.

However, it is not clear whether South Africa will respond to such a request.

New AIDS vaccine: ‘Final nail in coffin’ for disease?

A highly efficient vaccine would be a “game-changer”, but results of the new trials will take years, scientists say.

Dec. 2, 2016 South Africa has launched a major clinical trial of an experimental vaccine against the AIDS virus, which scientists hope could be the “final nail in the coffin” for the disease.

More than 30 years of efforts to develop an effective vaccine for HIV have not borne fruit, but for the first time since the virus was identified in 1983, scientists said on Wednesday they think they have found a promising candidate.

The new study, known as HVTN 702, will involve more than 5,400 sexually active men and women aged 18-35 in 15 areas around South Africa over four years.

Homeless HIV patient removed for Durban AIDS summit

It is one of the biggest clinical trials involving the disease ever undertaken and has revived hopes of a breakthrough in the battle against AIDS.

“If deployed alongside our current armoury of proven HIV prevention tools, a safe and effective vaccine could be the final nail in the coffin for HIV,” said Anthony Fauci, director of the US National institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is taking part in the study.

“Even a moderately effective vaccine would significantly decrease the burden of HIV disease over time in countries and populations with high rates of HIV infection, such as South Africa.”

Condoms are at the frontline of efforts to prevent the spread of HIV, which is mainly transferred through the sexual fluids and blood of infected individuals.

A small number of people, mainly in developed countries, use virus-suppressing drugs as a preventive aid, although the exact level of protection this offers is not clear.

But relying on existing prevention methods was not working, said Mmapule Raborife, one of HIV Vaccine Trials Network’s community advisors in the large township of Soshanguve, north of the administrative capital Pretoria.

‘Condoms everywhere’

“There are condoms everywhere in South Africa but people are just passing by as if there is nothing there,” she told AFP news agency.

South Africa was not chosen by accident. The country has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world – 19.2 percent according to the UN AIDS agency – with more than seven million people living with the virus.

“A vaccine is critical for South Africa,” said Glenda Gray, president of the country’s Medical Research Council.

“Every day, 1,000 people are getting infected and most of them are young women and men so we need to find a solution.”

The vaccine has been adapted for the HIV strain prevalent in southern Africa from one used in a trial of 16,000 people in Thailand in 2009, which reduced the risk of infection by more than 30 percent for three-and-a-half years after the first jab.

The safety of the vaccine has already been tested successfully over 18 months on 252 volunteers. The new study aims to test its effectiveness as a virus-killer.

Vaccines work by priming the body to respond with germ-fighting antibodies whenever a virus or bacteria invades. But the AIDS-causing virus is stealthy and quick to mutate to avoid being targeted.

“If we have a 50 percent efficacy rate, we would consider this an effective vaccine,” said Gray.

From there, it could take five to 10 years to scale up production, “and we need money to take [it] to a world level”, she added.

Even if the new vaccine proves effective, experts warn it is vital to remain vigilant in the fight against HIV.

“A highly efficient vaccine would be a game-changer but the results of these trials will take years,” Lynn Morris, head of the HIV virology section at South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), told AFP.

“We must continue to use other HIV prevention tools to reduce the number of new HIV infections, particularly in vulnerable populations such as young women.”

How Malawi reduced its HIV/Aids infection rate

According to UNAIDS, half of the 36 million or so people with HIV around the world have access to anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs), a figure that has doubled in five years.

Thanks to these treatments, which keep the virus in check and increase the lifespan of HIV-positive people without curing them, average life expectancy in South Africa has risen from 57.1 years to 62.9 since 2009.

“I know people who are HIV positive and I know people who died because of HIV – some of them are in my family,” one trial participant who declined to give her name.

“I want to make a difference in my community and in my country… There’s no cure yet, so we have to keep fighting.”

‘28 govt troops killed in Eastern Equatoria clash’: Opposition

The armed opposition in South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State claim their forces attacked government forces in Ayachi County on Wednesday morning.

According to opposition spokesman Col. Odwar Paulo Opwaki, 28 government troops died in the clash, for the loss of two opposition soldiers.

Col. Opwaki told Radio Tamazuj that his forces have now captured the area.

A listener confirmed to Radio Tamazuj the clashes between government and armed groups in the Farjok area. The caller told this station that clash continued for an hour, but the situation has since returned to normal

The world’s newest nation led by Dinka is on the brink of a new civil war.

By: Robin Dixon (Los Angeles Times)

Margaret Nyamuka, 18, fled the town of Mayendit when soldiers attacked her village, going from house to house, shooting civilians. She climbed a coconut palm to hide as up to 25 soldiers raped her 26-year-old neighbor and another woman.

“Those soldiers were lining up to rape her and she was bleeding a lot. She was crying. They said, ‘If you refuse, we’ll kill you.’ They were laughing. They forced the children aged about 10 to watch, especially the girls, and the children were crying too.

“There were eight boys castrated. I saw the bodies afterwards on the main road. They were tied together. None of them survived. Their mothers came to bury them.”

Nyamuka said she saw soldiers drag 11 people into a house and set it alight, a tactic reported by numerous survivors in different areas.

“They were old people and babies. Those people were crying until the roof fell in,” Nyamuka said. “After the roof fell in, there was no more sound.”



December 2, 2016, The so called Jiëëŋ councils of evils (elders) have admitted their failure by telling people they are for protecting political seat not economic prosperity of nation. Their embroilment in governmental issues has let to wrong landings of country’s economy at murky destinations under the watch of Kiir who is also member of JCE.

As shadow of their departure draw closer, Mr Aldo Ajou the big dog had recently began to shambles on matters concerning Bor.
At his age i believe in white this quote “Rasa tabula” always comes from Bahr el ghazal. He had failed to reconcile Apuk vs Aguok, Luac vs kongor and fragile situation in Rumbek.
Why don’t Aldo Ajou Deng with his evils councils remove the big log from their eyes in Bahr ghazal instead of south Sudan at large?

If Jiëëŋ councils of evils are not responsible for these mess then who else is
Gearing up these mess ? brutal killing of civilians is an indictor that shows JCE are for destruction not construction.
They have misunderstood “take town to people” and interpreted as “take turmoil to people”.
Ajou needs to quit politics and contest for sultanate post in his home village.
He have No root in politics at all. There is nothing apart from “mith mith” in their doctrine. whatever JCE-BAHR GHAZAL led regime value is Looting and eating.

WHY did he (GOD ) cursed Dinka with with JCE Bahr ghazal?
These curse is too dangerous than “cong makur of Northern Bahr el ghazal and ten time worse than 1991Bor massacres.
It have results to nonstop suffering of Jiëëŋ simply because the so called evils councils of elders are Jiëëŋ too.

Rebels and provoked minorities should stop random killings on major high ways. JCE is 100%pure evils organization of bahr el ghazal.
I am urging my fellow upper Nile and equatorians to stop killing themselves and embark on eliminating these crooks ass evils out of juba.
They have went away with the pride of our lovely nation.

JCE government of “moch rotdu” will rot in juba soon if they refuse to give up.
Leaders are still yet born in Kayuat region.
Those shadows are hand to mouth creatures.
The roof of regime top had been dismantled (upper Nile)

These group called JCE are nothing rather a curse to Dinka community and south Sudan at large.

@The author is a patriotic citizen who is currently residing in
IDP camp.

Corruption Allegations Shake South Sudan President Kiir’s Office

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir. [Photo: Tiksa Negeri/REUTERS.]
South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir. [Photo: Tiksa Negeri/REUTERS.]

New findings in the case of alleged corruption in the office of the South Sudan President have poked holes in the process of administration of justice starting from the time of arrests detention, investigation, trial, and sentencing up to conviction.

The case involved 16 people from different institutions including Office of the President, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Bank of South Sudan and staff of Click Technologies  Ltd.

Findings from a research conducted for over one year by Legal Watch Associates South Sudan have indicated that the whole process was marred with shortcomings, most of which are outlined in their report.

The research was conducted using the methodology of collecting information from various sources including court sessions, one on one interviews with the institutions involved and phone interviews and a comprehensive report was made.

The case started as a rumor that $500 million had been stolen from the office of the president and transferred to the account of John Agou in Nairobi, Kenya in favor of Mayen Wol Jong, the Chief Administrator and Yel Luol Koor, the Executive Director.

“The alleged sum of $500 million was not found during the investigation despite the fact that the intelligence report misled the president to suspend the two senior officials from their positions.”

After the investigation committee failed to find the alleged sum of $500 million said to have been stolen, the committee shifted to auditing the executive office of the president without the normal procedures of auditing a classified institution.


The report observes that the long arrest and detention of the accused people for over a year was illegal and unlawful.

“The suspects were not accorded their rights as per the constitution neither were they arraigned in court to be remanded by competent court.”

“The searches that were conducted at the accused persons’ houses were illegal and unlawful as there was no due process of the law followed. The break in and storming of Click Technologies Ltd without court search warrant was a direct threat to right of personal property,” the report observes.


Research found out that the auditing that became the new base of the investigation and the case after the failure to find the $500 million as alleged in the intelligence report was not independent, impartial or fair.

“It did not meet international standards that required that auditors must work without influence from the institution being audited. The auditors were working at the same premises with the investigation committee and the complainant.”

“The seal and signature of the president that is alleged to have been used in the forgery was a mere gimmick by the investigation committee to incriminate the accused people and to make the case stronger in the public domain. There was no single document found bearing the seal and the signature of H.E. the president requesting money from the ministry of finance or central bank.”

Court Trial and Sentencing

One of the accused, Athorbei Gaddaffy was not charged in absentia neither was his money amounting to USD $8.6 million and SSP 711,500 were drop from the case and instead were made part of the case by the investigation committee and the prosecution team.

“The goods that the prosecution presented to the court as having not been delivered are still being used in the office of the president up to this hour. The donation from H.E. the president to Greater Lakes States women parliamentarian are denied to have been delivered despite the fact that the contractor Mr. Simon Lupai of Lupain Motors confirming to the court as having delivered the cars and having received his money.”

The report further points out that the trial judge was heavily intimidated and influenced by the prosecution to blindly rule in their favor.

“The trial did not meet the constitutional threshold of fair trial. The accused people were not given fair hearing to defend themselves before the law. Defense witnesses were denied access to enter the court room and some were threatened and made to withdraw from testifying. Lawyers were threatened at gun point.”

“The trial judge did not administer justice in a fair, independent and impartial manner. He unified the charges during the pre-trial without distinction between the first accused to the last accused persons.”

The report notes that during the research, the judge confessed to one of the researchers that he was under innermost pressure to sentence the accused persons without exception and with the most severe conviction in the law.

“The complainant, General Paul Nang Majok categorically stated during his cross examination in court that he does not know some of the accused people as he did not open any case against them. He said that he was only ordered to arrest only five people among the 16 accused persons in court and the rest, he did not open any case against them.”

Legal Watch Associates notes that the case is a complete miscarriage of justice and has negatively tainted the image of the country and the office of the president.

“The same rumors like the one that this case of the 16 people was built is like the recent news article on that claims that $280 million has been stolen from the office of the president. Such propaganda does not advance positive interest of the country.  People who circulate such rumours must be tracked down, investigated and prosecuted and sent to prison for the rest of their lives,” the associates recommend in their report.

“For justice to prevail, we call upon the appeal panel that is reviewing the case to expedite the case and release these people from prison without delay.”

Source: Chimpreports

South Sudan a Broken Nation: Witnessing painful disintegration in hands of unwise elders: A case of Aldo Ajou Deng


By Ayuen Akuot Atem de Mayen

December 2, 2016, As a proud Citizen in the identity of South Sudan sincerely I am deeply lament  and upset by the sorrow and helpless watching and witnessing the dejected disintegration of South Sudan into autonomous region, ethnicity  and tribal politic in the hands of irresponsible and imprudent regional elders engulfed in wolf skin of Jieng council of elders. A case of Aldo Ajou Deng-Akuey. The former diehard of NCP and the master minder of tribal and ethnic mole in South Sudanese politic.

Earlier This week a member of Jieng Council of elders Mr. Aldo Ajou Deng  Akuey, wrote an opinion article published by PaanLuel Wel titled “Education in our political history”.  In his opinion the self claimed regional elder blamed the ongoing political hot spring and disintegration of South Sudan into several  autonomous  and indeed his failed man-made project of 2015  December crisis  on innocent retried politician and exiled leaders,  individual personalities, political elites, youth which he described as a Dinka of Jonglei.

Allow  me my dear cheerlessness countrymen and women who are totally grief by the anguish sorrow of a broken nation; to humbly responses to the numerous intended political accusation, allegations and regional propaganda of name calling, political scape-goating labeled against Dinka Jonglei in context of his opinion he was referring to the (ethnic Bor Dinka of eastern bank of river Nile) and their historical leaders and political icons by the so called elder who hailed from Bar el Gazal equitably Mr Aldo is the appointed parliamentarian representing  Northern Bar el Gazal in the lower house of council of state and also a member of Jieng council of elders.

In brief Mr. Aldo, joined the ruling SPLM party on the 6th of July 2007 by abandoning  the National Congress Party for green pastures and viewing South Sudan as doom corner to preach his ethnic political revenge with idled  insane empty minded majority politic.

Painfully the self claimed elder hails from “Mading Aweil” the popular Dinka land in the extreme edge of South Sudan bordering CAR and Sudan. He has been a die heart and mole of the Sudanese NCP in South Sudan  politic for decades featuring his regional opinion by launching a last kicking of dying shameful elder who has messed rich diversity South Sudan on his foolhardy attacks on region, ethnicity and on individual personalities by disgracing and denying their visible and historical tireless contributions and struggles of Jonglei prominent leaders who fought in numerous series of civil war for the successful attainment of South Sudan independency in 2011.  A bravely and bold step executed in the absent of today Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey.

To begin with Mr. Aldo is the political mole of Arab Sudanese rule and divided politic of regional and ethnic disintegration of South Sudan.  Am truly touch by the fact that South Sudan is completely disintegrating and dashing into autonomous and tribal division in the hands of unwise regional elders. Albeit

Pointblank the people being blames and escape goating your regional failures on them are the true liberators and the die heart of unity, nationalism and peaceful co existence among the South Sudanese. Historically the unified leaders hails from Equatoria and Upper Nile. There has never been  a generation of South Sudanese people without a brilliant and wise  sons and daughters of Dinka-Bor.

The intention of Aldo Ajou is that he wanted all the Dinka ethnicity both politicians, military and civil servants and youth to campaigns for Dinka union, ganging up against others 65 tribes of South Sudan. A witted idea and philosophy that has been widely rejected by the numerous nationalists and patriotic sons and daughters of what you described as Dinka Jonglei. The  Like of Dr Majak D’Agot plus youths. South Sudan is the nation and it is above tribal interest and ethnic marginalization in regards to NCP ideologies as you may think so.  You are unwise old man without out reputation.

The self claimed tribal association; you are the problem of this country and whoever condemn you ill advices and practices of tribal illusion like the historical leaders of the SPLM and the moderate youths are being labeled as dissidents. The problem of South Sudan is not leadership but yourself the unwise elder who have sneak into president circle.

You have no remembrance in the history of South Sudan. For instance when  the then Southern  Sudanese weight war against colonization and against the oppressive regime of Khartoum in 1955- 19972 starting in Torit which was widely joined by the patriotic self sacrificed Dinka, Equatoria and Nuer. You failed to  take part in that war of liberation you were busying fishing in the dirty bloods and flesh of your fellow countrymen in Khartoum with the politic of name calling and fostering the hard lining ethnicity.

Again in 1983 after the collapse and dishonoring of Addis Ababa agreement by Sudan government South Sudanese across the nation took up arms against Arab monolithic regime with the call for independent South Sudan. where were you Mr.  Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey in frontline. Instead you were busy campaigning for the united Sudan with double standards politic of regionalization and being a grand linkage of  the notorious bloodiest Sadiq Al Muhadi regime of cleansing Southern then. May be you will be honor and remember by your region for championing ethnic and tribal hatreds among the South Sudanese. But what will you benefit if South Sudan disintegrated into three more regional and tribal states or nation.

In your opinion you said the December 15 crisis would have been control and quell down while blaming it wide spreads into others town on few individual from Upper Nile region. The decision makers at the time of crisis were not from the innocent Upper Nile or Equatoria  region they were from your own region.

Why do you escape-goat your own messes, weakness and ailing political advices that has caused failed state and  total collapse of South Sudan on the people and leaders who have nothing to do with ethnic cleansing that you have embraced in name of region and tribes. Anyway you are behind the clock but be informed that South Sudanese and the entire world are watching your broad day light skirmishes of rule and divided politic, selfness, corrupt political sycophancy installed.

Incitement “Quote from Aldo Opinion published in Paanluel Wel website” Referring to Abel Alier and John Garang, all the time, may not continue attractive to South Sudanese any more event with Bor Community as a whole. Check your neighbours in Akobo, Pibor, Pacalla and Panjab. Can they now vote for Bor community candidate for presidency? Why do you leave your Biblical problem unresolved “respect your neighbour as you do to yourself”. Fulfil this obligation before extend your aggressive tongue to Bahr Al Ghazal Dinka Community.

In reality you don’t deserves to be an elder; better to something else. Who told you that in South Sudan there are biblical problem that are unresolved between the Bor Dinka and their neighbors?. Which chapter in bible talks of unresolved biblical problems.  Does that negative prophecy reflect your ages and wisdom?

Asking and stimulating that no neighbor will vote for political candidate who will hails from Jonglei in future. We its political illusion and presumption but did asks South Sudanese people leaves alone your neighbors whether they are ready this time to vote for presidency who might hail from your region?

The elders of your nature have made a popular leader to became unpopular. If your are exactly a elder as you claims the problem of South Sudan is not the people or ethnic group that you broadly accuses. The major setback in the political messes of this country are the inner tribal elders who forcefully encoded their ill-advised wisdom into national issues.

Be informs that your elderly aged you are in today in other part of the country it considered as  wise age for grooming and portraying  positive advices into generations but to my surprise it’s gifts of doom  and division along ethnicity. What you should know is that you are they old groom that doesn’t sweep well and additional politically were shapely silenced and defeated by your political age-mate of 1970s and 1980s from the Jonglei Dinka. ” a born that is not politically managed by energetic dog cannot be defeated by less dim-witted brainless unenergetic old dog”

Attacking personalities of heroes and liberators leaders of a certain ethnicity such as Dr. John Garang, Abel Alier, Akuot Atem and Dr. Majak D’Agot in your opinion, plus the youths from what you describes as Dinka Jonglei are the sign of political falsity and defeats. Please stood firm in your ethnic and tribal campaigns. If it mean execution  or crucifying be it on you because you have already done harm on ethnic division. Pay the pride.

In addition a Wisdom and knowledge is not a gifts. It is a community integrity and credibility that cannot be shared on ethnicity.

Indeed through your ill-advices you have succeeded in tearing apart by irrigating the tribal and regional ideology. Look how unwise you are; you went as far as blaming the founding members of the movement that you are enjoying it fruits on regionalism and ethnicity.  Are you really wise Mr. Aldo?. You just joined SPLM in June of 2007 and the like of Dr Majak D’Agot whom you describes as young boy, has tirelessly devoted his entries life’s in the bush fighting again your friendly regime in Khartoum from 1983 until the signing of Comprehensive peace agreement in 2005 they same agreement brokered by the leaders you accused had open doors for you to Join the SPLM which has become your golden ethnic party.

I know the motive of your Falster political motivated accusation are Merely based on your blindly  campaigns for tribal  politic  and regionalization of South Sudan. It’s a witted philosophy and blink ideas of 19 century that a true nationalist and patriotic South Sudanese cannot buy. I firmly support those individual politician from Dinka Jonglei that you blames because they disagreed with you on ideologies of running South Sudan in the arena of Jieng.

Those who have been in the bush for 21 years are tired of tribalism for your case a die-hard of Khartoum regime is comfortable with ethnicity and regionalism.

South Sudan is left in your hands why didn’t you resolved contentious pioneering cultures of gang rapes, road ambush and ethnic targeted killing on ethnicity and geographical location. These are the issues that an elder can deal with.

I would like conclude my argument with Dinka proverb that says you can be an old man with grey hairs and that does not qualified you to be considered as a wise person who can comment on national issues.

The views expressed above solely belong to the writer; the author is a freelance writer, he can be reached for comment and input at  

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